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10 Great Ways for Traveling Nurses to Stay in Touch with Loved Ones


Becoming a traveling nurse can be one of the most rewarding careers a nurse can choose, but like most rewarding endeavors, it can present some challenges. One of the greatest challenges for our traveling nurses is finding easy and convenient ways of staying in touch with their loved ones. The following tactics will help traveling nurses maintain their relationships and feel at home, even when they’re not.

Joint Netflix Watching
A great way to feel like you’re back home is by watching a Netflix series with a friend or family member. Discussing the movie, documentary or series will provide a sense of togetherness for both parties.

flip flopSend Quirky Gifts
Sending an oddball non-present is highly effective. For example, ship a single flip-flop with a funny or cryptic message on it to a friend. The possibilities are endless. Be fun and creative. It will bring smiles to both sender and receiver!

Play Smartphone Games
The great thing about mobile gaming is that it’s a bond builder. Pick a game that you and a friend like and share in the fun! There are several apps that enable two-way communication and encourage relationship building between participants. Some of our favorites are: Trivia Crack, Words With Friends, Draw Something, Quizup, Hum This and 4 In A Row.

Blog Your Experiences
An excellent way to stave off lonesomeness is by starting a blog. Document your experiences as you travel and solicit interaction from your followers. And who knows? It could catch on and turn in to a money making venture as well!

skype-qikSkype with Your Chums
Skype, FaceTime and other tools of the modern age allow us to see and hear our loved ones in real-time with nothing more than access to wifi.

Read a Book with a Group
Forming a digital book club is another great way to stay in touch. Pick a title and discuss it as you read it with your friends or family.

Use Snail Mail to Communicate
Writing letters and sending a postcard (Gasp!) is a great way to maintain contacts. Many people are surprised to receive written mail these days – they even may be surprised enough to send you one in return!

fitBit_Hero_704x396Run a Fitbit Competition
Staying in shape is a solid way to maintain physical and mental health in a strange, new place. A Fitbit device enables users to compete against one another by tracking motion and exercise in real-time. Get a Fitbit device and compete with friends further afield to see who can log the most steps, for example.

Send and Receive Care Packages
Shipping unique local items from a new location to your friends and family back home will not only make your loved ones feel important, it will typically elicit return gifts. It’s a great way to get stuff from home on the road.

Traveling the Right Way

Becoming a travel nurse is an incredible and rewarding career choice. Utilizing a company like Advantage RN will ensure you have all of the resources you need to succeed.

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