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2003-2013 – Congratulations…Advantage RN is 10 years old!!!

Birthday CakeThis week we are celebrating the 10th year anniversary of Advantage RN, the first and largest brand of ARN Healthcare Staffing. We are celebrating because it’s a milestone, for sure.  We are also celebrating as a way to say THANK YOU to all of our clients, our healthcare providers, and especially our staff members—teammates—who have helped us achieve our success.

ARN started on July 15, 2003, with six employees sharing a 300 square foot office in Tri-County, OH.  We are fortunate to still have one from the initial team, Dawn Rider-Carter.  Dawn wore many hats in those days: recruiting, sales, account management and housing to name a few. We were also fortunate to attract many other talented staff members in the early years whose efforts in building solid hospital and nurse relationships enabled the company to quickly grow. From 2004-2008, Advantage RN grew an average of 51% per year to reach annual sales of about $50M. Hard work and persistence combined with the establishment of a solid mission, collaborative culture, and charitable involvement proved to be integral in our formula for success.

Now in 2013, after five years of tumultuous times in a rocky economy, ARN is alive and well with Locums, Government, Therapy, and Local divisions in addition to Travel Nursing—and yearly sales of over $75M. The 300 square foot office has grown to 13 ARN offices across the country, an internal staff of 140, over 800 healthcare providers, and 500 hospital clients. Along the way we’ve been nationally recognized multiple years as one of the fastest growing staffing companies, listed as a top 10 travel nurse staffing company, and should be named in the top 15 health care staffing companies for our efforts in 2012.  In short, we have all worked together to create a team-driven, healthy company while supporting the healthcare industry.

So as we celebrate our first decade in business I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all of our hard working employees (past and present, from Advantage RN , Advantage On Call, and Advantage Locums), our valued medical facility clients, and of course our wonderful healthcare providers. Thank you all for believing in us and giving us a chance. Thank you for being part of Advantage RN and the larger ARN Healthcare Staffing family.





Matthew R Price, President and CEO

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