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3 Great Reasons to Work Travel Nursing Jobs

As one of the top travel nursing agencies, we believe travel nursing jobs are a fun and rewarding career opportunity for almost any nurse. But since every nurse is unique, you’ll need to decide for yourself if a career as a travel nurse is a good fit for you. To help you make this decision, we’ve provided three things to consider when your goal is to find a great travel nursing job:

  1. Better Pay
    Do you like making money? We though so! Travel nursing jobs are an excellent way to earn great money. Starting in the range of $30 per hour with the possibility to earn over $50 per hour, travel nursing jobs are rewarding and well paying! Many of our travel nursing jobs come with scheduled hours and the possibility of working overtime which means bringing home an even bigger paycheck every week. If you want to increase your income, travel nursing jobs might be a good fit for you.
  2. The Adventure of Travel
    If you enjoy visiting new and exciting places, travel nursing jobs give you the chance to do so – without using your vacation hours! With travel nursing, you will have the opportunity to live almost anywhere in the country — like Florida, California, Alaska, Arizona, and almost any other state. A travel nursing career gives you the unique opportunity to explore the country and work in a location where on your days off you can relax on a beach, tour a new city, explore nature, or enjoy exciting restaurants – all while making great money and working as a travel nurse!
  3. Career Experience
    Do you want to expand your nursing skills and advance your career? Travel nursing jobs are a great way to accelerate your career experience! As a travel nurse, you can enhance your skills by working in a number of different healthcare facilities and clinical settings. You will have the opportunity to work in some of the best hospitals alongside some of the best nurses in the country. At every assignment, you will have the opportunity to learn new skills and grow yourself professionally; this experience will help you build an impressive resume allowing you to take your career to even higher levels. Yes, opting to take travel nursing jobs is a unique way to expand your career and life horizons!

If you’d like to increase your pay, experience the adventure of travel, and gain valuable and resume-building career experience, we have a job for you! View our job finder to check out our available travel nursing jobs and find the right assignment for you. Complete an application and skills checklist to have one of our helpful recruiters work with you to find a compatible match for your job needs. If you are looking for travel nursing jobs in a certain specialty area, you can sign up for job alerts so we can notify you of openings. Travel nursing might not be for everyone, but for most it can be the adventure of a lifetime!

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