Frequently asked Questions

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Advantage RN wants to help set your mind at ease and answer any questions you might have. We don’t want to see anything hold you back from starting a travel nurse career with us! You have the unique opportunity to discover different parts of our country while doing the job you love. So, let us take some worry off your shoulders by answering some of the more common questions we receive.

The best travel nurses are confident, adapt easily to new situations and enjoy meeting new people and discovering new surroundings.

You’ll need at least two years of experience as a nurse or healthcare provider and at least one year of current experience at an acute care facility in your specialty area before you can travel with Advantage RN.

It’s totally possible, as long as you have the required acute care experience. To help expedite the process, complete our application as soon as possible. In order to move quickly, you should try to be flexible about your travel destination choices and have current and good clinical references from your most recent supervisors.

Yes, bring your whole family – and your pets! Our housing department aims to accommodate your family, pets — or both — and provide you with the best possible "home-away-from-home!"

We’ve accommodated lots of traveling pairs at Advantage RN! You may not end up at the same facility, but if you’re flexible it shouldn’t be an issue at all. Remember, too, if your friend is a new traveler, you could earn a Referral Bonus (from $500 – $2,000) for referring her/him to work with us. Refer a friend

The majority of our assignments are 13 weeks, but assignments can be as short as eight weeks or as long as 26+ weeks.

Extensions are always a possibility, especially if the assignment is going well! Some facilities fall in love with a traveler so much they’ll even offer the traveler a permanent position – and it’ll be your choice to take the permanent position or do what most of our travelers do – continue traveling!

You will be contracted with us for the length of time detailed in your Nurse Confirmation. Many of our travelers enjoy working with our team so much, they continue working with their recruiter and Advantage RN long after their first 13-week assignment ends.

That’s the goal – but it’s not always possible for a variety of reasons. A hospital may not use travelers or there might not be an opening. If we can’t place you in your first option, we will do our best to find an equally comfortable and exciting opportunity.

Not to fear, we’ve got you covered with our on-call 24/7 hotline. This was created to give our travelers peace of mind and the extra support you may need when you are on the road or working through the night.

Travel & Housing Questions

We make arrangements for all sorts of private housing — from a fully furnished studio or one-bedroom apartment to an Extended Stay-type hotel to the perfect RV Park. Whatever you prefer, we will try to accommodate your needs. We also will set up your phone, cable TV and other utilities.

Absolutely! You can then contract directly with the property management company associated with your selected housing or you can tell our housing department about the details and we’ll make the arrangements for you.

Licensing/Certification Questions

Your recruiter will be happy to fill you in on the specific details of getting a license in the state you may want to work in. All state licensure requirements are different. For example, some states are Compact States, which means your licensure is reciprocal within the states that participate. Other states are Walk Through states, which allow a nurse to bring all required licensing paperwork to the new state’s Board of Nursing and then provides the required license within a few days. Other states, however, may require longer waiting periods.

Advantage RN’s team of Compliance Coordinators will help you find a testing location in your area to quickly renew your license. You can rest assured that, while on assignment, your designated Advantage RN Compliance Coordinator will help you stay on top of all of your job-related documents and associated expiration dates.

We offer FREE and unlimited CEU hours for our travelers! There are over 700 online classes in 44 specialty areas available.

Compensation, Benefits, Insurance and Bonu$es

You will get paid every Friday. We provide direct deposit to your checking or savings account. You can view your payroll information online 24/7 through our payroll provider’s website.

In addition to your weekly paycheck, which will be deposited directly into your savings or checking account, you’ll receive first day medical insurance, optional add-on dental and AFLAC benefits, free life insurance, professional certification and license reimbursement, free and unlimited CEU courses and credits, referral bonuses ($500 – $2000 each!), and company-matching 401(k)! Depending on the assignment you take, we also offer sign-on, loyalty, extension, holiday, overtime/call back and PTO bonuses as well!

Yes, you may add your spouse or children to your insurance for additional fees.

Yes! We offer a 401(k) program which matches 25% of up to 6% of your eligible compensation. Travelers are eligible to participate in the 401(k) program after working 260 hours in a consecutive 90-day period or 1,000 hours in a 12-month period. Matching begins after you have been working with us for a year and you are fully vested after three years of employment.

Advantage RN’s Social Butterfly referral rewards offers six tiers of bonus opportunities — and up to $2,000! To get on the quick path to your finder’s fees, fill out our refer a friend form .

As a way of saying thank you for working with us, Advantage RN offers its travel nurses loyalty bonuses ranging from $250 to $500 on every 13-week extension you accept with us. When a facility offers a sign-on bonus, we pass the bonus on to you.

Questions about the Interview with the Facility

Hospitals vary in the time between receiving a profile and interviewing a nurse. On average, a facility will interview an applicant within three days of receiving the details of the applicant.

Your recruiter will provide you with a list of sample questions to help you feel comfortable with the interview.

Your chances of getting a job offer with Advantage RN are EXCELLENT – over 90% of our travelers who are interviewed receive an offer!