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Beat The Winter Grays With The Sunniest Skies

Enjoy nothin’ but blue skies from now on…or at least for the coming winter months.

You might associate wintertime with gray skies and dreary landscapes, but this doesn’t have to be the case for you. As a traveling nurse, you can pack up your suitcase and chase those grays away in a matter of weeks.mountains-nature-sky-sunny-medium

Maybe your criteria are different from the average snowbird. You’re not looking for a beach, but rather you’re interested in seeing a big, blue, wide-open sky that stays mostly cloudless through December, January, and February. If this is the case for you, the southwest is the ticket to your personal paradise.

Advantage RN is here to be your guide. Here’s a list of four states where you can find a great travel nursing gig, get outside, and catch the most rays.


Phoenix and Tucson top the list with 211 and 193 cloudless days, respectively. Rings of pink mountains and golden beams of light frame the beautiful blue skies and cacti-filled landscapes. Embark on scenic desert drives with clear views of sparkling, light-filled cities at night. Enjoy the southwestern fare—from fresh, fancy Mexican restaurants and Sonoran hot dog trucks alike. When you hike, bike, and feel the warmth during the coolest 13 weeks of the year, you might just forget that winter even exists.


Known as the state with the least rain each year, there are 12 cities and towns within Clark
County that claim to have as many as 300 sunny days each year (though it’s probably more like 210). If you’re looking for a big city experience with lots of sunshine, Las Vegas, Paradise, or Henderson may be the perfect place for you. Smaller sunniest spots include Winchester, Mesquite, and the Moapa Valley. Take in the terracotta-toned desert landscapes, and even hit the slopes in Lake Tahoe on your off days.


Clocking in at 193—or 302, depending on your source—sunny days per year, El Paso is rightfully nicknamed Sun City. It’s the perfect place to sharpen your nursing skills, dine alfresco, and conquer the Franklin Mountain hiking trails on your days off. Tour the galleries, museums, and cultural sites. Raise your glass in the finest regional vineyards. Plus, westernmost El Paso is just one of many great cities to work in the Lone Star State, where there are many opportunities for travelers.


sign-los-angeles-typography-usa-mediumIt’s golden because of the sun, too. There’s San Francisco and Los Angeles for sure but you can also make your way to Bakersfield or Sacramento, and enjoy other sunny spots in the state of milk and honey. Like Bakersfield – with its 191 sunny days a year and less than two hour drive to LA —  so you can enjoy the local sites but also head for Hollywood on your days off.  Head north to Sacramento for 188 days of sunshine and cutting-edge cuisine brought to you by the original farm-to-fork movement.

Throw on your aviators, jump into your convertible, cue your favorite tunes, and hit the road. Your winter’s about to get a whole lot sunnier. Book your next—or your first—traveling nurse experience in or near one of these sunshine-filled spots through Advantage RN. Brighten your future with the opportunities in our Job Finder or email hidden; JavaScript is required today.

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