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Goodwill Ambassador

Charlotte M., RN

Ambassador; Charlotte M., RNLoving my job since coming onboard with Advantage RN comes naturally!! At my ripened age, I am quite a veteran at nursing in the field of Emergency Medicine. I just celebrated my 10 yr anniversary being a registered nurse in Emergency Medicine, and thanks to the caring, professional team at Advantage RN, 2006 was the year I was able to get my “MEDICINE MOJO” back.

I am a fun, motivated individual from the sticks of a small town. I began my career as an emergency room RN 10 years ago in The Toledo Hospital/ Toledo Children’s Hospital emergency department in Toledo, Ohio after graduating from Bluefield State College, a state college located in another small rural area in Southern, WV. After several years of practice I relocated to Duke University to work as a nurse in both the pediatric and adult emergency department and have continued to expand my experience in both fields since introduction. In 2006, I felt I needed more adventure.

On July 24, 2006, I accepted my position as staff contracting nurse for Advantage RN, and my life has changed dramatically. Since that fabulous day, I have been fortunate to work in many Level 1 trauma centers, and rural stabilization centers as a registered nurse in the field of emergency medicine such as Duke University as well as hospitals in AZ, NM, CT, and NC. My abilities and skills have expanded, and I am more experienced both as a member of society and as a healthcare professional. I’ve been appreciated for my work abilities, faithfulness, and knowledge by both Advantage RN and my contracted facility and as a result I’ve been repetitively extended me for longer periods of time to better both my career professionally and to meet the needs of the increasing emergency department visits.

I can honestly confess to taming the deserts of the Wild West, climbing the Aspen hills and breathing the fresh air while venturing the many national monuments, parks, and forests of the Midwest and Navajo Nations, standing on the amazing Pacific cliffs of the West Coast as the raging sea made an uplifting presentation, faring moose taming and exciting city life in the Northeast, hanging tight to the curves of the Appalachian mountains and Blue Ridge Parkways of the Central East coast, relaxing on the dunes of the Carolina beaches, and having a meeting with serenity on the gulf coast waters of southern FL. I can never express my gratitude to Advantage RN enough for the extensive wealth of knowledge I’ve acquired due to their belief in me, their respect of me as a professional, and their love of me for the nurse and individual I have become.

My recruiter, Alison, is the reason I go to work everyday; she believes in my abilities infinitely and gives me reassurance that I have chosen the career I was meant to be employed in. I am currently pursuing my Masters in education and management in nursing from Governors College of Utah, and assisting as both staff specialization advisor in standardized testing, and as a Goodwill Ambassador for Advantage RN. And I hope I have made it perfectly clear in this profile: I LOVE MY JOB AND MY EMPLOYMENT WITH ADVANTAGE RN!!

Charlotte M., RN