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Our Recruiters get accolades from their nurses and health professionals every day! Scroll 5down to read some of the heartfelt messages received in recent months, or click on the name of a recruiter listed below to go directly to the kind words received about about him/her. Want to say something nice about your recruiter? email hidden; JavaScript is required to email us!

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Darren K – Darren K. is great! I wouldn’t think about working with someone else! Payroll/TKO Team – I never have any problems , if any issues arise, they are resolved quickly!

— Angela D., RN


Darren K – I really appreciate Darren K! I know he has my back, he knows me, he knows I always strive to do the best work professionally demonstrating the highest standards. But I also strive to exceed the hospital’s standards. I love Darren K! He needs a raise!

— Jessica Z., RN


Darren K – Great service from my recruiter Darren K. and all the staff at Advantage.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Darren K – I have been with Advantage RN since July 2014 and haven’t been dissatisfied yet. Darren K is a great recruiter.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Darren K – I love love love Darren K. I am so lucky to have found him and have the chance to work with him. I get asked all the time who I work with and I rave about Darren and Advantage RN – they really understand what it is like to be a travel nurse. I refer staff to them all the time, and I am loyal. I get notes on a daily basis to join other companies; I just can’t do that to my man Darren.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Darren K – I am extremely satisfied working for Advantage RN. I pick my assignments based on pay, and Advantage RN offers competitive pay packages!

— Natalie R., RN


Darren K – I travel with Advantage RN because of the bonus incentives, my recruiter Darren, and Day 1 benefits.

— Rebecca P., RN


Darren K – Darren K is the best!!!!  

— Marcia G., RN


Darren K – Advantage RN is excellent! They listen and always try to help me with my needs.

— Marissa C., RN


Darren K – Darren is the best of the best recruiters! He makes you feel like you’re the only nurse he works with, and learns what your likes and dislikes are. He was recommended to me by another nurse and he’s the main reason I switched to Advantage RN.

— Angela D, RN


Darren K – As my recruiter, Darren has always considered my strengths as a nurse, as well as my preferences, when seeking the right assignment for me. I feel I can trust him to find an assignment that suits my skills, experience, and needs.

— Sharon B, RN


Darren K – At a time when I was ill and scared that my assignment may be terminated, Darren not only was a great intermediary for me with the hospital, but he also he called and checked in on me constantly to make sure that I was holding up okay under the stress. He was on vacation at the time and he stilled carved out time during his well-earned holiday to support me during a scary time.

— Mary M, RN


Darren K – Darren was always there when we needed him. He found us the jobs we were looking for and was always available when we had questions.

— Amanda S, RN


Darren K – On my first assignment with Advantage RN, some unforeseen circumstances occurred and my assignment was canceled. Darren was on vacation and I emailed him just to give him a heads up for when he returned. He called me less than five minutes after that email. He found me a different assignment in less than a week which was only two hours away AND in the same housing as one of my buddies who had referred me to Darren. That assignment also started out a little bumpy, but turned out GREAT! They’ve asked me back and Darren is already working on that even though I’m on assignment until Christmas. I would also like to recognize Missy (on staff RN Educator), Deena (QA) and Christine (Housing). They’ve all reached out to me — even over a weekend! They don’t make me feel pressured at all. This TEAM is a great one that I love to work with.

— Marissa C, RN


Darren K – Darren is awesome, obviously great at what he does. He promised me a job and he delivered. He is always available and chitchats about other things besides the job. He is obviously a people person which makes him very approachable. He always adds a personal touch.

— JB, RN


Darren K – I can’t say enough positive things Darren K. He is stupendous.  

— DE, RN


Darren K – Darren is always in touch with me. He knows what’s going on — not only with my contract but with my personal life also. I always feel like someone is there if I should have a problem. If Darren isn’t available someone will be. Darren is the greatest!!

— SC, RN


Darren K – My experiences with Darren have only been positive. I feel as though I have support and someone on my team at all times. Thank you for accepting me as part of your family.

— LM, RN


Donna – Donna C is more than a recruiter–she is a friend and she knows me and what I like!

— Bianca B., RN


Donna – Donna is what I like most about Advantage RN mostly because she takes such good care of me. But everyone from the company who is involved is friendly and will everything they can to make sure I get everything I need.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Donna – My recruiter, Donna, really takes care of me! Though other agencies try to take me, I stay with Advantage RN due to Donna!

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Donna – I work with Advantage RN because of my relationship with my recruiter, Donna. I also enjoy the location options offered, the pay, and the opportunities available for improving my skill set.

— Altoise S., RN


Donna – I just had a fantastic phone conversation with Donna Cresanta. It was absolutely the most pleasant, professional, positive, knowledgeable and caring conversation that I have ever experienced with a recruiter!! Hang onto her! She is priceless and I am hoping in the future we can work together!

— Donna M., RN


Donna – Donna Cresanta is the best recruiter. She is always thoughtful, listens to my need,s and works hard for me. I am always impressed she calls me weekly to see if I need anything from her or from the company. This makes me feel important and that I matter. If she hasn’t had a bonus in a while, I think it is overdue. She is awesome!

— John S., RN


Donna – Always enjoy working for Advantage RN. My recruiter Donna is awesome as is everyone in Payroll. Deena in Compliance is awesome, too.

— Kelley R., RN


Donna – Donna calls me, she makes sure all is well, she cares about me.

— Carla, RN


Donna – Whenever I have any need, Donna is right there ready to help. I never have to guess what’s going on. Donna keeps me informed and up-to-date on what is required of me. This is very important in the fast-paced world of travel nursing. Don’t leave home without her!

— CF, RN


Donna – As a new traveler I was extremely hesitant to begin a new journey with someone who I had never met face to face. A friend recommended Donna and ‘guaranteed that I would just love her’. I called her up and loved her instantly. Donna is super sweet, honest, helpful, patient, prompt with returning calls and emails, and she does it all with the most wonderful Southern Belle accent you would ever want to hear. I would and have recommended her to other RNs considering traveling or switching agencies.

— SG, RN


Donna – I just lived through (Hurricane) Irene in the NE when there was not an available hotel room anywhere in a 30 mile radius. Donna not only found me lodging but spent time on her weekend off to be sure I was okay. That is above and beyond the call; Donna is truly committed to her nurses and not only makes sure we have a good travel experience but that we are safe also.

— SW, RN


Donna is the best recruiter in the business. She always has the best interests of her nurses at heart and always looking out for us. Going above and beyond the call of duty is an everyday occurrence for her. I wouldn’t be a traveler if it weren’t for her.

— EK, RN


Melanie – I have traveled with ARN for the past two years and they’ve been great. Melanie is awesome. She treats me as a friend as well as a valued employee. I feel like she strives hard to resolve any issues I may have. Also, other people associated with the company are very professional and personable. So far, I have had NO desire to travel with other companies.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Melanie – Keep up the great work, Advantage RN! My recruiter is outstanding, and Advantage RN had the location I wanted. The staff is friendly and the company offers great bonuses.

— LB., RN


Melanie – Melanie works jointly with the facility to ensure the traveler gets the working environment that best suits personal and professional choices.

— Gerald D., RN


Melanie – I love my recruiter Melanie. She always goes above and beyond for me.

— Kristin C., RN


Melanie – I just want everyone to know what a fabulous recruiter, defender of my honor, sister, friend, my biggest fan, critic (whichever is needed), master chocolate chip cookie maker and overall wonderful human being Melanie Woods Webster is, what I owe her can never be repaid and there are no words to express what she means to me and my family. Heart you Mel!!

— From the FB page of Missy S, RN


Melanie – Melanie is a gem! She genuinely cares about you and your happiness with your travel assignment and company. She and Angie Love-Gatrell from Housing were always checking in on me to make sure I was comfortable and happy. If I did have a problem, it was dealt with that day or ASAP. Amazing Team at Advantage RN! I would definitely travel with you guys again!!

— Kourtney D, RN


Melanie – During my last contract I was presented with a very unfortunate circumstance at work and couldn’t get a hold of my current recruiter (with a different agency), so I called Melanie. She answered almost immediately and guided me through the process the best she could and was there as a shoulder to literally “cry” on. She goes beyond her call of duty every day and even on the weekends when she is not even supposed to be working.

— Anna E, RN


Melanie – Melanie has kept in close touch with my wife who is also a travel nurse with Advantage RN and myself and has been very helpful to us. She makes us feel very important and looked after.

— Matthew C, RN


Melanie – Mel is absolutely, positively the sweetest, most caring & loving, very personable, dedicated recruiter that MAKES GREAT THINGS HAPPEN for her peeps!!! She is AMAZING!!!

— Lori B, RN


Melanie — Melanie goes above and beyond to get me the best travel assignment for me in the area and state I want! She always looks out for your best interests. Melanie has a bright and cheery personality, plus she wants to develop a personal friendship with you. Melanie gives you great respect and attention every time you talk to her!



Melanie — Melanie Webster is an “Amazing Recruiter,” who exudes a positive and professional image. Ten months ago, I started my travel nurse journey and I signed up with three agencies after speaking to almost 20 recruiters. Melanie was very friendly and patient and provided me with the the in’s and out’s of travel nursing. She wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting into which helped reduce my anxiety. She cared about my safety while on an assignment. Melanie is very honest, consistent, loves what she does, and smiles through her work. She goes above and beyond, and is always available through phone call, email, and text at any hour. I appreciate everything she does for me. I have referred several nurses to her and they all give positive feedback. AdvantageRN is lucky to have Melanie Webster on their team.

— TG, RN


Melanie – Melanie has been more than a professional recruiter to me, she has been there for me every step of the way during this adventure. Advantage RN is lucky and so am I to have found her!!

— SB, RN


Melanie – Melanie is the best! I don’t consider her just my recruiter, she is also a very dear friend. My whole family knows and loves her. She’s part of our family and always will be. Melanie has gone above and beyond for me and she is such a hard worker, fabulous mom and a truly wonderful person. There really isn’t an award that can describe or reward Melanie for all that she does and what she means to me.

— MS, RN


Sherri W – I have worked with Advantage RN for 6 years and I love you guys. I am always taken care of and any issues I have are addressed quickly. My recruiter, Sherri W, is the best! She makes me feel like family!

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Sherri W – Sherri W has worked hard to keep me in contracts and keep me abreast of changes. She checks in often just to make sure I am doing ok. Kelli L has been upfront and on top of any compliance needs as they arise, and tries to make sure I have the most time I can to get things done.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Sherri W – I love the manager and staff at my assignment and the location is great too!!

— Samantha N-K


Sherri W – Sherri is super easy to work with, she’s simply fantastic. I love that Advantage RN appreciates their nurses. The little gifts they send and the loyalty bonuses are nice. They also have lots of contracts available.

— Cybil M., RN


Sherri W – Sherri is amazing. I can’t say enough kind things about her. I recommend her to everyone.

— Elisa A., RN


Sherri W – Sherri is great at returning calls and answering concerns. She is easy to communicate with.

— Suzy B., RN


Sherri W – Sherri always has my back! Whenever I have concerns about an assignment, Sherri always goes out of her way to make sure my concerns are addressed.

— Sandy T, RN


Sherri W – Sherri is the most professional, friendly, reliable, and courteous recruiter I have known. She is always calling to check up on me during my assignments to make sure everything is going well and if I am having any difficulties. She genuinely concerns about me as a friend and co-worker. She always has a cheerful voice and positive attitude no matter how stressful her day as been. I won’t leave this company because of her.

— BM, RN


Sherri W – Sherri really cares. She works hard to find what I needed (even when sometimes I put restrictions on assignments or locations). Sherri has never “beaten around the bush” with assignments, she tells it straight up and has never promised something she cannot give. She cares about me and my family. She checks in frequently to make sure everything is going well and that I am happy with my assignment.

— CW, RN


Sherri W – Sherri has been my recruiter since February 2011. I have found her to be honest, hard working, and always has the client’s best interest at heart. I know if I ask Sherri for a particular area, she will immediate go to work to see that my request is met to the best of her ability. I know I can count on her. It means so much to have someone of that caliber working on your behalf.

— KW, RN


Sherri W is absolutely amazing. I have never worked with such an angel. She is always there for me, no matter what. She always has a smile in her voice, and is more like a mother and best friend than a recruiter. She has worked with me for over two years, one year just trying to find me what I wanted – and she did. I have worked with her now for over a year, having extended over four times now at the same facility, which I love. She has truly blessed my life – I don’t know where I would be without her in my life and career. To say thank you would never just be enough for all that she has done for me and meant in my life.



Brian W – I really like my recruiter Brian W (excellent) and all of the other people at Advantage RN that I have spoken to. They are very nice and always helpful. I also like the people I’ve worked in the hospitals where I’ve had contracts. I always ask Brian to only place me in facilities with good reviews from previous travelers. So far he has been 100% successful in delivering. love being a nurse and I love working for Advantage RN. Thanks guys and gals.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Brian W – My recruiter, Brian W, is amazing. He makes traveling an absolute joy.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Brian W – Brian Weller is an awesome recruiter. He is extremely responsive to any issues, placement in the area that I request, and always checks in with me to see how my assignments are going.

— John T., RN


Brian W – I choose to work with Advntage RN because of the day 1 benefits, and they have the locations I want. I am very satisfied.

— Bobby S., RN


Brian W – I am extremely satisfied working for
Advantage RN

— Allen A., RN


Brian W – I’m extremely satisfied with Advantage RN and chose them because of the pay, company matched 401K plan, and Day 1 insurance.

— Brandi W., RN


Brian W – Brian W is awesome! The flexibility of traveling and income are great.

— Heidi W., RN


Brian W – Brian touches base with me often, and if I have questions, they are always answered in a timely manner.

— Jason C., RN


Brian W – Brian has been wonderful to work with. I was scared to make a leap of faith into my first assignment, but he helped me understand everything and continues to help me along the way. Whether it be with a quick email follow up or a friendly text to make me laugh, he is an excellent recruiter and guide.

— Mandi B., RN


Brian W – …You have definitely delivered on everything you have promised. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with you, Kelli, Christine, and Advantage RN as a whole. I feel confident referring people to not only the company, but to you specifically. So, thank you for that!

— Brittany M., RN


Brian W – You are awesome, Brian. I am very pleased with everything, and I always mention how much I like Advantage RN when other nurses seem to not like their agency. I will definitely refer any friends who seem ready to change agencies. Hope you are taking it easy in the gym.

— Jamela B., RN


Brian W – I really enjoy
having you as my recruiter.

— Julia L., RN


Brian W – You are the best, Brian!  

— Denise E., RN


Brian W – Yes, you have been wonderful so far and everything is going well.

— Hillary G., RN


Brian W – He always finds assignments that are a reasonable distance from my home so I can be a father to my children.

— Elijah, RN


Brian W – Brian is awesome. He is always there when I need him — whether it’s during business hours or not. It’s hard being a travel nurse, and yet he some how makes it easier and more enjoyable. I don’t know where I would without that guy!

— BC, RN


Brian W – I have been a travel nurse since 2007 and I have worked for different agencies and with many recruiters. Brian is consistently concerned about his travelers. He calls every week to see how things are going, and if there is a problem he is quick to get it fixed. I really appreciate him, and I really like this company. They try very hard to meet the needs of the traveler.

— MT, RN


Brian W – I find him to be a gentle man who offers me support and illuminating solutions to whatever crisis might occur in my adventure in the world. I liken him to my “lighthouse” in this storm of fast-changing travel nursing.



Brian W – He is the sniznit of all recruiters! He always puts his travelers first and takes care of them like family!! Kudos to Brian! Thank you for making a difference in my life!

— RW, RN

Tina H

Tina H – I like traveling with Advantage RN because of my relationship with my recruiter Tina and my QA Coordinator, Kelli! GO TINA H! GO KELLI L!

— Cederic A., RN


Tina H – Love my recruiter Tina H. She resolves issues quickly and helps me find good assignments.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Tina H – My recruiter, Tina, is excellent. She is what I like best about working with Advantage RN.

— Vera, RN


Tina H – Tina is excellent and communicating with her is easy.  

— Lini E, RN


Tina H – Tina kept me from not trying another company.  

— Cedric A., RN


Tina H – Tina answers my texts promptly and assists with any problem I run into. She is absolutely wonderful to work with.

— Carrie H, RN


Tina H – Tina H. is the person who makes you feel like you are the only nurse she takes care of every time you speak with her! She is patient, organized, informative, sweet, returns your calls while she always has your interests before her own.

— ES, RN


Tina H – Tina is great. She is always happy and ready to answer whatever need I may have. Even if it is just to vent for a minute. I never feel alone on an assignment, because I know Tina is there, just a call away, should I need her. She also has a great sense of humor.

— SP, RT (R), ARRT


Tina H – Tina is a terrific recruiter — but more importantly — a wonderful and enjoyable person. I am on my second assignment with Advantage RN and Tina has been my recruiter since the beginning. I requested Cincinnati and Orlando as my first two cities to travel to and Tina has landed me both jobs without any problem. I can tell she really enjoys her job which makes me enjoy mine. I couldn’t ask for a better recruiter. Thanks, Tina, for always being there for me.



Tina H – Tina is exceptional — both honest and genuine. She deeply cares for her folks and is extremely competent. Unlike many in this business, Tina conducts herself professionally and ethically at all times and always has your back. My interactions with her have always been exceptional and real; she’s simply the best!



MyLinh — MyLinh is the best. She feels more like a close friend than my recruiter. She calls to check on me frequently and is always prompt in assisting me with any problems I might have.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


MyLinh — My recruiter, MyLinh, checks up with me routinely. She is very supporting. The facility treated me with respect and was very welcoming from day one.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


MyLinh — My Linh is very attentive and empathetic. “She is very pro nurse” and is very diligent about making sure her travelers are heard, respected, and taken care of. She’s the reason I am so happy with Advantage RN.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


MyLinh — I work with Advantage RN because of my relationship with my recruiter, Mylinh.

— Bruce B., RN


MyLinh — My recruiter MyLinh is outstanding and I am extremely satisfied with Advantage RN!

— Andrea V., RN


MyLinh — I adore MyLinh. She is always supportive and checks on me routinely. I know she always does her best for me!

— Lynn M., RN


MyLinh — MyLinh is excellent, and Advantage RN can always find me a job!

— Nancy W., RN


MyLinh — MyLinh is excellent and the whole company responds quickly to my needs.

— Teresa J., RN


MyLinh — Thank you so much for calling me back today so quickly and having housing call and helping me. It’s awesome nurse recruiters like you that make my travel assignment more comfortable and worry/stress free. So a Big Thank You Mylinh!! Very appreciative.

— Tina W, RN


MyLinh — I found you to be very detailed in explaining everything that you expected from me. How you took the time to explain everything.

— Linda R, RN


MyLinh — You have been the consummate professional in helping me find a great place to work. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication in assisting with my placement. I certainly could not have done that on my own. Thanks so much for all your help and dedication throughout.

— Jean B, RN


MyLinh — Mylinh was very informative. She answered my questions readily and when I called back with further questions, she responded to my voice mail expeditiously. I was very pleased with her answers and response. She was very professional and pleasant.

— Donna M, RN


MyLinh — I have traveled with Advantage RN since 2008. MyLinh has been my recruiter. She has always looked out for me. She has never failed to keep in contact with me and to make sure that I have all of the correct information. See has always been honest and upfront. I can let her know what I need and she does her best to work with me. I will always appreciate her and want other travelers to know how special she is and what a great agency Advantage RN is to travel with! I have taken assignments with a couple of other recruiters/agencies and it was a nightmare. I was treated badly and lied to, so I know what a blessing a great recruiter like MyLinh is!!

— DA, RN


MyLinh — Mylinh worked and worked to find an assignment for me. I definitely did not want to go anywhere hot, and prefer smaller towns. I do Home Health and the demand is not as great as other specialties. She would present all opportunities and if I wasn’t thrilled about any of them, she said “don’t worry, we’ll find something.” She’s friendly, fun and light hearted, never pushy, trying to talk me into job I really didn’t want. She checks in weekly and responds immediately if I have a need. I’ve been traveling for 2 1/2 years with several agencies. As long as Mylinh stays with Advantage RN, I will stay.

— PN, RN


MyLinh — When I needed a travel assignment in my field, my recruiter was in touch with me constantly. MyLinh was always keeping me updated on how my application was going and what I should do next. Once my assignment was confirmed, the rest of the team worked tirelessly on getting all my documents and housing in order, so that I could start my assignment asap. I am new to Advantage RN. I am very impressed by how smoothly my first assignment was put together. The staff/team is friendly and very efficient at what they do.

— KD, RN


MyLinh — When I call Advantage RN for any reason, I get a prompt reply — especially if I call my recruiter, MyLinh. Advantage RN has been there for me — not only to find me choice assignments, but to help in personal situations. Whenever I call they know exactly who I am and talk to me like a friend, not a number.

— LV, RN


Dionne – I travel with Advantage RN because of my relationship with my recruiter, Dionne, who is amazing and really works to get you what you need!

— Heather W., RN


Dionne – I have been a travel RN with Advantage RN for about two years now, and I love my recruiter, Dionne. I have also had an opportunity to meet most of the people behind the scenes who work in the West Chester office. Everyone is always ready to assist and to ensure a smooth transition.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Dionne – Dionne is a great recruiter, and I feel comfortable working her!

— Megan D., RN


Dionne – Dionne continues to excel! I love that she works as if she is a friend looking out for me.

— Jodi M., RN


Dionne – Dionne works hard for me. She hustles and is a ROCK STAR.

— Velvet J., RN


Dionne – Dionne is always checking in to make sure things are going well and offering her assistance to help with anything that I may need. Advantage RN is very supportive of me and my choices.

— KC, RN


Dionne – Dionne is always there to answer my questions and concerns about my assignment, contract, etc., and if she can’t answer my questions immediately she tracks down who can and gets back to me in a timely fashion.

— JR, RN


Dionne – Dionne always listens and recommends solutions. She helps me make better decisions while pulling together all of the relevant information needed for the decision.

— Dawna, RN


Dionne – Dionne has been very patient with me during my short time with the company. She works diligently to make sure all of my needs and requests are met and is always there when I need her!

— Dustin T, RN


Dionne – I have been with Advantage RN for past two years, traveling pretty much non-stop. My recruiter, Dionne, is the greatest!!!!! She is always available to me. If any problems arise, she immediately helps to resolve them or finds someone who can. But more than that, we have developed a very close friendship. It really helps to have such a good friend when you are away from your home, family, and friends. I hope to meet her in person someday because I really care a lot for her, and she makes this a very good company to work for. Advantage RN is very lucky to have her and I was very lucky to get her as my recruiter. Right now Advantage RN is the only travel company I work with. I have no plans to switch to anyone else.

— LO, RN

Brian Mc

Brian Mc – …I thoroughly appreciate and will be forever thankful for all the good things you and the rest of the team at Advantage RN have done for me. Going to Alaska has to be one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I can never thank you enough.

That being said, I hope to return to travel nursing in the near future, and you will be the first call that I make! I just don’t have enough good things to say.

Sincerest thanks,
— Nora K., RN


Brian Mc – Hi Brian, the past few months have certainly been a trying time for me and I want to thank you for all of your help. I was so grateful you found me a solid contract when my other plans fell through. I really should have taken your advice back in the Fall with regard to the speed (or lack thereof) of obtaining a California license. Ever since my first contract with Advantage RN, I always knew I could trust your advice and that it was always in my best interest and not necessarily what may be best for you. I know I was pretty stressed at the beginning of this contract, and I really appreciate your willingness to listen to my daily phone calls. Ultimately it all worked out. You have always been a calming presence and it’s a comfort to know I can call and vent if things are a little rough and I need a voice of reason. Thanks again for everything!

— Leslie P, RN


Brian Mc – Excellent service and response.
Brian M is the best!!!!!!

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Brian Mc – Brian found assignments that my daughter and I could work at together. (We’re both RNs.)

— Lisa B., RN


Brian Mc – I love that I get paid weekly. I also love that my recruiter Brian checks in with me and asks if I need anything. He really makes me feel appreciated!

— Delana L., RN


Brian Mc – I like that ARN is easy to contact and get in touch with if I need something.

— Marie C., RN


Brian Mc – I appreciate the professionalism, honesty, & attentiveness to my preferences. In 22 years of nursing, it is a rare & pleasant surprise to find that combination in travel recruiters! I look forward to the next conversation & collaboration regarding the potential acquisition of a great travel contract!! Thank you!

— Rene D , RN


Brian Mc – Brian worked with me to get a good fit for a contract. He’s always available, supportive, trustworthy, and fights for me.

— Amie C, RN


Brian Mc – Brian could not have been more helpful.  

— Billie R, RN


Brian Mc – Awesome, funny, down to earth. What sets him apart from the rest is his honesty. Every other agency promises you the world and then when you need help they don’t even acknowledge you. I’ve had calls from about 100 agencies but this agency is my first choice based on my experience with Brian.

— Julia H., RN


Brian Mc – Brian has been the most helpful, most ambitious and friendliest rep I have dealt with so far! If all of your staff is like Brian, you certainly have my business! Thank you Brian!

— DJ, RN


Brian Mc – OMG!! I’m getting my CA license tomorrow! Yay! Although I love my current location, it’s time to go. I need variety and change and a new challenge to conquer. CA it is! Thanks for the suggestion and finding me these great assignments for me. I love having you as a recruiter! Ur waaaaay better than my last ones! That’s why I’m so loyal and always talking u guys up. :).

— LM, RN


Brian Mc – My recruiter Brian is great. I feel like he’s always looking out for me. If I have questions he’s always there.

— SC, RN


Brian Mc – Brian gives excellent personal attention to my needs and concerns. He also contacts me on a regular basis to keep me informed and up to date. The company offers excellent benefits and loving care.

— SS, RN


Brian Mc – It is time to hang up my traveling shoes. I cannot say enough great things about you. You have been my rock when I needed you at any time. We have survived many a challenge over the past 11 years. Thank you and the company for all the opportunities provided for me over all these years.




– Steven, you have been a better recruiter and friend than either of us could have ever hoped for.

— John, RN, and Jennifer, RN


Steven – Thank you Steven for all your continued help and being very prompt to my needs and concerns.

— Tracee B., RN


Steven – I love Advantage RN
and my recruiter Steven!

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Steven – I love working for Advantage RN. I’ve been traveling with them for almost two years and my recruiter Steven is amazing! Thank you!

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Steven – My recruiter, Steven, is great about finding assignment according to my wishes. Thanks for that.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Steven – I work with Advantage RN because of the company matched 401K plan, friendly staff, and my outstanding recruiter, Steven.

— AS, RN


Steven – My recruiter Steven is outstanding. I am very satisfied with Advantage RN.

— Laura F., RN


Steven – I just wanted to write an evaluation as I leave Advantage RN as a travel RN to take a perm position. My recruiter for almost 2 years has been Steven W. I just want to say that I absolutely love Advantage RN. I have had some of the best RN experiences, made some great friends and have learned a lot about myself as I worked with Steven and for this company. Steven has truly been not only a recruiter but a friend to me. From our long discussions about cooking to being an RN to growing up in large families, he has stuck by me day and night. I now consider him a friend and not just a recruiter. I love Advantage RN and have truly enjoyed my whole experience. If I ever travel again, it will be with Advantage RN. Thanks for all the wonderful times!

— Erin R., RN


Steven – Steven is very knowledgeable and cares about you. Advantage RN is the very thing I want in a company.

— Bridget L, RN


Steven – Steven, my recruiter, is very available to me if I have questions or need anything. He is encouraging and tries to make things easy for me.

— Melissa W, RN


Steven – I’ve loved working with Steven. He made my first Travel Nursing experience a GREAT one. I’ve heard some horror stories and truly I have never even come close to experiencing anything negative with Steven. He actually set the bar quite high.

— Tahira Z, RN


Steven – The weekly phone call from Steven definitely makes a difference throughout my contracts. My most sincere thank you to him, as well as my housing and compliance coordinators, Christine and Kelli, for all of your hard work and support.

— Annette S, RN


Steven – Steven is awesome! He is always two steps ahead. He is available and always checks in at least weekly. Steven knows the travel health care business in and out. I am glad I made the switch. I couldn’t be happier.

— LA, RN


Steven – Steven is an awesome recruiter! He is always available and accessible when I need him. I have been in the industry for a few years and he has been the best recruiter I have worked with thus far. I would (and do!) highly recommend him to anyone looking to make travel nursing their career. Two thumbs up!!

— TP, RN


Steven – Steven was very helpful and informative. I have interviewed with other Travel RN agencies and found that Steven was very thorough in the information he provided. He was patient and spent a lot of time helping me figure out the truths and myths that exist in what each agency provides. I think he has done an excellent job for this first time traveler RN. Advantage RN appears to be a company that I will continue to do business with.

— CS, RN


Steven – Although I’m one of the most finicky travelers you’ll ever meet, Steven has consistently worked his tush off to try and find me the assignments I want. He is truly a pleasure to work with.

— JB, RN


Bethany B. — Keep being as completely awesome as you already are! F.Y.I. Bethany Brey is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Best recruiter EVER!!!

— Frederica W., RN


Bethany B. — Bethany is

— Scott G., RN


Bethany B. — Bethany is very nice and I enjoy working with her!

— Julie W., RN


Bethany B. — My recruiter, Bethany B, always has my back and is a great listener. She always listens to me and tries to resolve any problems that pop up.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Bethany B. — Working with Bethany B. is wonderful. She handles things efficiently and is very quick to get answers for me when I have any questions…

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Bethany B. — Bethany B is an amazing, hard-working, informative, honest recruiter. I would recommend her and Advantage RN to other nurses.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Bethany B. — Bethany is great — always checking up on me, and making sure things are going well. Right on top of finding my next assignment, and helping me with decisions.

— Laura D., RN


Bethany B. — Bethany is proactive. She calls, follows up and knows what I’m looking for in an upcoming assignment.

— Angela L., RN


Bethany B. — My recruiter Bethany has been everything I hoped for in a recruiter. She’s there to answer every question with a prompt response. She is amazing!

— Dawn H., RN


Bethany B. — Bethany is excellent and wonderful to get along with. She always listens and makes wonderful suggestions.

— Scott G., RN


Bethany B. — I am coming to the end of my first assignment as a traveling nurse and I couldn’t be anymore happy with my recruiter Bethany. Bethany has been there for me through every silly, last minute question and if she didn’t answer the phone when I called, she got back with me within the hour. She feels like family to me and it’s only been 12 weeks! I have heard so many horror stories about first assignments and recruiters that make promises and leave you hanging. I am so very thankful that I had Bethany! She is amazing and so hard working. I look forward to many more assignments with her. Thank you.

— Dawn H., RN


Bethany B. — Bethany does a good job of helping me find jobs in the locations I’m interested in and I am always able to get a hold of her if I have any questions.

— Sarah W., RN


Bethany B. — I have spoken with and worked with many recruiters from many travel companies over the last 6 years. None have been as forthright, hard-working, kind, and considerate as Bethany Brey. I was hesitant about traveling again after a recent experience but Bethany’s confidence and willingness to find me the perfect fit made all the difference in the world!!! I start my next assignment in 2 1/2 weeks! She took the time to REALLY learn about me and my wants, not just my needs. I have no doubt she will continue to work hard, as well as smart, to make sure I am where I want to be…or as close as possible. Even though bumps always come up, Bethany always has my best interests at heart and is MY advocate!!! I can’t say enough good things about her and everyone I have spoken with at Advantage RN. They have a great team!!!

— KE, RN


Bethany B. — I’ve accepted my first assignment with Advantage RN and have been extremely pleased with every aspect of their service. Most notable is Bethany. She is a wonderful, caring, hard-working lady and the best recruiter with whom I have worked! I highly recommend her!!!!

— KA, RN


Jason M. – Jason has been very informative and helpful – but above all honest

— Lori A., RN


Jason M. – Jason listened to what I like in locations and size of facility.

— Pamela M., RN


Jason M. – I’ve enjoyed working with Jason. He’s been able to get me assignment I’ve wanted. Any questions or concerns I have have been handled quickly.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Jason M. – Honestly, I have always been happy with Advantage RN and recommend them highly to anyone interested in travel nurses. My recruiter, Jason, is fantastic.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Jason M. – My assignment with Advantage RN has been wonderful. I hope to have many more with Advantage in the future. Jason goes the extra mile helping with whatever we need.

— Robert C., RN


Jason M. – Jason M. is
an awesome recruiter!

— Darla C., RN


Jason M. – Jason is

— Chez W., RN


Jason M. – Jason is outstanding. He made the transition to my first assignment so easy.

— Christian C., RN


Jason M. – I work with Advantage RN because of the staff is so friendly.

— Pamela M., RN


Jason M. – Jason is not only my recruiter but he is my confidant. It is nice to have such a good rapport with the person who is responsible for finding my next assignment.

— Sheryl J., RN


Jason M. – Jason has always been helpful and positive. I appreciate the fact he isn’t pushy when it comes to taking assignments. I tend to be pretty specific when it comes to locations.

— S. M., RN


Jason M. – Jason is always there for me!  

— Deborah T., RN


Jason M. – Jason and job availability is what I like best about Advantage RN.

— Laura F., RN


Jason M. – Just wanted you to know I felt comfortable talking with you. You sound very professional and concerned about what I want. That’s what really made me call you back… Thanks for all of your help and i am looking forward to working with you.

— Carolyn T, RN


Jason M. – Jason has been quick and efficient at obtaining and placing me in a contract exactly where I want to be!

— Soo, RN


Jason M. – Jason, it was nice that you took the time to answer questions for me. I am a first time traveler, so there are a lot of unknowns for me to learn and you were happy to explain details that I wanted….I know it had to be painful for you LOL, thanks again!

— Steve A, RN


Jason M. – Jason is the best!! He is always available day or night and is always willing to help with any problems, even if they are not directly work related. He has made my first travel experience wonderful!!

— Kathie, RN


Jason M. – Jason, thanks for your help and conversation this morning. I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

— Unknown, RN


Jason M. – Jason has been great working with me to find the right fit, right money. Very sincere, professional and most importantly- patient.

— Chad, RN


Jason M. – Jason, it was nice that you took the time to answer questions for me. I am a first time traveler, so there are a lot of unknowns for me to learn and you were happy to explain details that I wanted…I know it had to be painful for you LOL!

— Steve A., RN


Jason M. – Jason is great! He is always available for anything! He was extremely patient and helpful during the start up process! He definitely makes you feel important and that he really cares! He is what has made this experience great!

— Morgan F., RN


Connie – I’ve had a great experience with Advantage RN and my recruiter Connie is AMAZING!!

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Connie – 100% satisfied with Advantage RN as a company, and I especially love working with my recruiter, Connie.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Connie – I work with Advantage RN because of my relationship with Connie, my recruiter. The company also offers competitive pay, bonuses, and the staff is friendly.

— Lisa G., RN


Connie – My recruiter, Connie, as well as the payroll and compliance teams are outstanding!!

— SH, RN


Connie – I absolutely love Connie! She always checks in to see how we’re doing and has been extremely helpful!

— Katherine S., RN


Connie – Connie M. is an amazing recruiter and the #1 reason I stay at Advantage RN!

— Heather W., RN


Connie – Excellent customer service, very patient.  

— Tawney G, RN


Connie – Love, love, love your enthusiasm!  

— Denise L., RN


Connie – Thanks for staying in touch with me in my first assignment. It is reassuring to know that you are just a phone call away!

— Linda C., RN


Connie – You are always amazing and easy to work with. I feel comfortable and confident when looking for a new assignment with you.

— Anonymous


Connie – Right on top of everything!
Just the way I like it!

— Denise L., RN


Connie – You are so amazing Connie!!! You are friendly and caring. You seem to genuinely care about what I am looking for in a job and not just about assigning me so you get the money. You are the best agent I’ve ever worked with!! Thank you!

— Anonymous


Nicole – Nicole C.
is wonderful to work with!

— Sherry R., RN


Nicole – My recruiter Nicole was super responsive, nice, patient and overall had her ducks in a row. Also, we loved our assignment in New Hampshire.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Nicole – My recruiter Nicole was ALWAYS available when I needed any kind of assistance, and she always responded promptyly. She was very forthcoming about the facility where I worked (I really liked the facility and felt well prepared by Nicole about what to expect). I will use Advantage RN (and Nicole) in the future.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Nicole – Advantage RN is an awesome company to work for – very professional, timely, and they have some of the best recruiters! Jeannie was my first recruiter and now I have Nicole who is absolutely AMAZING!

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Nicole – Nicole works hard, and is caring and funny. She makes herself available for all calls, even when she’s out of the office. Advantage RN has so many jobs to choose from.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Nicole – I travel with Advantage RN because of the relationship I have with my recruiter Nicole, and their day 1 benefits and location options!

— Sherry R., RN


Nicole – I like working for Advantage RN because of the competitive pay and the relationship with my recruiter, Nicole. I like it that if Payroll doesn’t receive my timesheet, they send me an urgent email. That is good so we get paid on time.

— Karen R., RN


Nicole – I love Nicole!!! She is by far the best!! …Everyone has been so helpful and always in contact with me to make sure I don’t need anything.

— Caity M., RN


Nicole – I started working with Advantage RN eight months ago. My recruiter, Nicole, goes above and beyond for me. I am a first time traveler and have had much success with this company, and I know it will continue. Thanks for all you do, Nicole C!

— Julie S., RN


Nicole – Nicole is great
and easy to work with.

— Sherry R., RN

Julie W

Julie W – Coming from a first time traveler: out of ALL the agencies that contacted me, I just want you to know that you are why I went with your company. You are wonderful.:)

— Melissa J., RN


Julie W – Julie W. has truly been encouraging to me when my Thyroid went totally out of control after completing an assignment. Who’s nursing the nurse? That’s where Julie stepped in with encouraging words and support. As soon as I am better, I look forward to working with Advantage RN again. Thanks to Julie Wright. I will refer other nurses to her as well because of her professional support and dedication.

— Kathy R., RN


Julie W – Love Julie W. – always going above and beyond to make things happen for me. She is amazing!

— Julie S., RN


Julie W – Julie W. has truly been encouraging to me when my Thyroid went totally out of control after completing an assignment. Who’s nursing the nurse? That’s where Julie stepped in with encouraging words and support. As soon as I am better, I look forward to working with Advantage RN again. Thanks to Julie Wright. I will refer other nurses to her as well because of her professional support and dedication.

— Juania M., RNMS


Julie W – Julie W. is the best recruiter ever! I’ve recently taken an assignment with another company and was lucky to hear from my recruiter once a month throughout my 16 week assignment. Julie continued ot check on me weekly even though I wasn’t with her company. I’m glad to be coming back to Advantage RN where I know I’m not just a numbered employee, I’m treated like a family member.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Julie W – Excellent experience so far with my recruiter Julie W and hospital facility in VA. No complaints! It has been lovely!!!

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Julie W – Friendly staff, competitive pay packages, and a great relationship with my recruiter Is why I travel with Advantage RN.

— Calla H., RN


Julie W – I best part about my assignment is the location. I choose to work with Advantage RN because of my recruiter Julie, the competitive pay, and day 1 benefits. Keep up the great work!!!

— Melissa L., RN


Julie W – I “met” Julie when I thought I would return to travel nursing. Then my parents’ health went downhill. Even though I have yet to do a travel assignment, I so enjoy Julie W checking in with me. She demonstrates to me that your company cares about me personally not just as a person that will earn you money. When I can travel, you all will be my choice. Thank you, Julie W!!!

— Patricia B., MSN RN CCRN


Julie W – Julie has been exceptional throughout the entire process of being my recruiter. She stays in touch with me and on a regular basis to always makes sure I have everything I need. I would recommend Julie to any traveler seeking a recruiter.

— Jacob D., RN


Julie W – Julie is very organized and makes getting started on an assignment as easy on the nurses as possible.

— Nena B., RN


Julie W – What do I like about working with Advantage RN? Julie makes everything awesome for me!

— Kathy R., RN


Julie W – My recruiter, Julie, is outstanding. She makes me feel like she’s more of a friend than an employer.

— Brianna R., RN

Bethany S.

Bethany S. – My recruiter Bethany Smith, makes me feel like I matter – she goes above and above to help accommodate requests and shows a general interest in my well-being at work and personally. I’ve been a traveler for 5 years and have never had such a positive experience.

— Tiffany, RN


Bethany S. – Bethany S has always been positive and inspirational throughout this journey with Advantage RN.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Bethany S. – Bethany is wonderful! She works hard at helping us meet all our assignment needs. We tell everyone about her.

— Jennifer P., RN


Bethany S. – I have been traveling for over 3 years and Bethany has been by far the best recruiter. She goes above and beyond to make sure I’m taken care of. She goes out of her way to get to know me as a person and she truly cares. We’re close friends now because I work for Advantage RN.

— Heather G., RN


Bethany S. – My recruiter is wonderful.
Bethany S. rocks!

— Jennifer P., RN


Selena – My recruiter, Selena, always answered quickly and offered to do anything she could to help. She was very positive, encouraging and friendly.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Selena – Selena is always friendly, prompt, and honest. She is a joy to hear from!!

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Selena – I am extremely satisfied with my first experience with Advantage RN. My recruiter, Selena, is outstanding!!

— Morgan D., RN


Selena – My recruiter, Selena, is awesome. She makes sure that I have the information I need and that things are going smoothly.

— Katie H., RN


Selena – Selena is always quick to respond and helps with whatever I need! She’s also very nice!!

— Dina D., RN


Selena – I am a new traveler-and so far Advantage RN has been great on all levels-very transparent and honest. SELENA is my recruiter-she is great-very intelligent- very organized-they’re a good company.

— From Travel Nurse Central, 2016


Selena – Selena is awesome, she’s very squared away and organized — which are critical skills to have to be a good travel nurse recruiter. She also has an intuitive sixth sense with communication and problem solving.

— Driss H, RN

Carrie S.

Carrie S. – “Carrie S. is

— Vivianna P., RN


Carrie S. – Carrie has been awesome and treats me as if I am the only nurse she has placed and working with…

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Carrie S. – I am very pleased with my recruiter Carrie. She works hard to find the right fit for my assignments.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Carrie S. – Excellent recruiter –

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Carrie S. – What do I like best about working with Carrie and for Advantage RN? The staff. They run like a well-oiled machine.

— Anita M., RN


Carrie S. – Carrie S. is the BEST!

— Anita M., RN


Robert – Robert E. has been the best recruiter I have had. Definitely not pushy and very informative. Mary S. and Kayla J. stay on top of my expiring documents and are very patient with me!

— Steffani B., RN


Robert – Robert is a joy to work with and always has my best interests in mind.

— Melanie G., RN


Holly – I keep traveling with Advantage RN because I have an awesome recruiter named Holly!

— Sandra L., RN


Holly – Holly works hard to keep me working in the area where I want to work.

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Holly – I love my recruiter, Holly!
She’s the best!

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Holly – My recruiter, Holly, never disappoints. She is always on top of everything and anything I need. Advantage RN has really nice pay packages…

— Current Traveler’s comment from
2016 Best of Staffing survey


Chris B. – Hands down could not have asked for a better recruiter or experience! He is super flexible, diligent, timely and chill! Great LISTENER and adapts well to your working speed. He isn’t over-aggressive (as I have experienced most recruiters to be), which is one of the key traits I appreciate most in a recruiter. It has created and allowed an open and effective level of communication and ultimately a great fitting assignment for me! Thanks Chris!

— CW, RN


Chris B. – Chris B. made my initial intake smoother and his level of honesty and integrity kept me on track with my intake process. I feel I can trust ARN because I can trust Chris.

— Rick M., RN

Lisa J.

Lisa J. – Lisa J. is a pleasure to work with! She is so kind, encouraging, funny and dependable. She has worked hard to secure the perfect placement for me and I trust her completely with my traveling future. She is the best recruiter I have worked with and I look forward to her call, text or email each week. She’s a keeper, AdvantageRN!!

— Jessica O., RN


Lisa J. – Lisa is the best recruiter. I’ve never met anyone that worked so quickly at finding me a placement. She follows up to make sure my experience is going well. She is there not too much; not too little, but just the right amount. Any problem and she is right on it. Now that’s a person who is a great asset to a company. Because of her my experience has been very positive; I know she is always there. Thanks Lisa!

— Glenda K, RN


Lisa J. – When deciding which company I would work with, Advantage RN was the one company that called back and answered my questions. I felt that if you were going to call me back before I even started you would continue when I was your employee. I was not wrong!!!!! I love working with my recruiter, Lisa J! I hear horror stories from travelers working with other companies. I truly hope this doesn’t change because your company was recently purchased. I am truly happy with Advantage RN!

— Kathy M., RN


Lisa J. – Lisa is the best recruiter that I could ever ask for. The very first contact I had with Lisa I knew that I was speaking with someone who is dedicated and caring. Lisa has the most prompt, competent, and complete communication I’ve ever had with someone in my 14+ years of nursing. Lisa is so very pleasant and invaluable asset to Advantage RN

— Troy E., RN


Lisa J. – I am so thankful that I have Lisa as my recruiter!! I will be completing my first year of travel in October and Lisa helped me find the best jobs and answered all of my newbie questions. Lisa is totally honest about what to expect from an assignment. Her years of experience and commitment to her nurses is reflected in her sincere support… throughout the good, yet challenging experiences of being on the road.

Lisa always gets back to me promptly. If she doesn’t have the answer, she knows where I can get it. Knowing that she has my back on assignment allows me to focus on what I do best — being a nurse! Trust is not a word I read or hear very often on the blogs and other nursing sites. I can honestly say that she has created a trusting work/life experience. This is HUGE to me. Thanks Lisa!!

— Andrea Z., RN


Billie Jena – Billie Jena is a fantastic recruiter! Always securing necessary positions for her travelers and taking extra care of their needs, she goes that extra mile to ensure they have all avenues covered and options available to them. When a traveler has Billie Jean in her/his pocket, they are assured the very best experiences and pay the industry allows! All with a flair for getting things done quickly, with that hometown attitude of caring that makes a traveler feel welcomed and cared for. Hats off to Billie Jean for her exemplary efforts and sparkling style!

— Julie S., SPT


Jennifer M. – From the moment I asked Mikayla W. about the agency she uses, AdvantageRN has made my first travel assignment enjoyable and worth all the paperwork. I know all the recruiters are excellent; however, Jennifer is EXTRAORDINARY! She has explained everything perfectly and I have never felt alone. I foresee a very long and fruitful relationship between us

— Paula B., Travel RN

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