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Meet Our Traveling Nurses

We really enjoy working with our travelers and they feel the same way about us.  Our high retention rates (averaging 75%+) and our nomination by our travelers as a “Best of Staffing” winner (and winning the award six out of the last seven years) are all positive indications that the admiration is mutual!

Still need more proof? Then check out some of our Travelers’ happy selfies or read about their adventures in their own words. Or, go ahead and click here to check out what hundreds of nurses and facilities said about us recently on their “Best of Staffing” surveys. And then? Come travel with us!

I Travel(ed) Because of the Great TEAM Support and Opportunities

Dustin T, RNI would like to say thank you for all the hard work you’ve done on my behalf over the past two years. I can’t believe how quickly these two years have gone by! It has been a fun and rewarding journey and I would not have the current opportunities being offered if not for you guys! While traveling with the company, I have grown personally and professionally. Being a travel nurse brings its own set of challenges, but with a great recruiter (named Dionne) and team of staff to back you up, it makes it all worthwhile! I have nothing but praise for the entire team at Advantage RN! Through every step of the process or any issue that I may have had (very few) all of you have been there and worked quickly and diligently to resolve any issue and to make sure everything went smoothly!

Dustin T., RN (Dustin was an Advantage RN Traveler who recently took a perm position. The picture shown here is not Dustin, of course, but a photo taken while he was on assignment in Montana; the photo won our top prize in our annual photo calendar contest. Thanks for your kind words, Dustin. We’ll all miss you!)

We Travel because Advantage RN takes on the Hoop Jumping for Us

RA, RN and VK, RNWe appreciate you and your team, Dwayne!!! We are honored to work for you — it’s been a great experience!!! This is the best job I’ve ever had, truly — I’m used to so much more administrative hoop jumping. You’ve been awesome, thanks for helping us through it all. I know there’s tons of behind-the-scenes hang ups that you guys have had to deal with. Thanks for taking on those burdens for us! We will continue to represent you well.

RA, RN and VK, RN

I travel with Advantage RN because I love my Recruiter and the Company…

Megan T, RNI have worked with multiple companies during my nursing career, but Advantage RN stands out because of recruiters such as Jeannie. I thoroughly enjoy working with Jeannie because she is personable, prompt and always accurate. Advantage RN has placed me in the best working conditions with the most amount of financial return. Traveling has been enjoyable as I have met great friends, and have had an abundance of site seeing opportunities — all while doing a nursing job I love. I appreciate all that Advantage RN does for me.

Megan T, RN

I travel with Advantage RN because they do it right…

Matt N, RNAlison, I wanted to let you know how great your staff is. Monique is FANTASTIC!! She’s always without hesitation and going above and beyond to make it happen. She always makes sure I am happy with the right contract, the right housing, the right everything. She always makes herself available for questions. She always does this with a great positive attitude. In addition, Angie and Michele in your Housing and Travel Department have always done a great job and continue to do a great job. As you know, I’ve been traveling with Advantage RN for 2 ½ years now and I could not be happier! Thanks again to Monique, you, and everyone at Advantage RN.

Matt N, RN

I travel because I get respect and
business gets accomplished quickly…

Steve S, RNI am extremely pleased with Advantage RN so far; everything has been handled very professionally and efficiently. The facility has always treated me with the utmost respect, I do my very best for them and they do the same in return. I am finding that same mutual respect with Advantage RN and it’s greatly appreciated.
Dwayne is an awesome recruiter; he was able to get business accomplished in hours that it takes others in the industry days or even weeks to accomplish. It literally took 3 hours from the time that I met Dwayne until contract signing. That is not the norm; in fact, that absolutely rocks.

I intend to spend the rest of my career in the travel nursing industry, so you may be stuck with me for another 20 years or so.

Best Regards & GOD Bless,
Steve S, RN

I travel with Advantage RN
because I love the company…

Rosa C., RNI love Advantage RN and my recruiter Katlyn, my housing coordinator Angie, and (QA Coordinator) Deena who makes sure I get everything done so I can continue to work. I don’t know what I would do without these three ladies. They are terrific. They are always there for me and if I have a problem I can always pick up the phone and discuss it with any of them. I have traveled with them for three years and can’t imagine working for any other company.

Rosa C., RN

I travel with Advantage RN
because the staff is wonderful…

Cyndy D., RNEvery staff member I have worked with through Advantage RN has provided me with phenomenal support and an incredible feeling of being a valued employee. All of this happening, despite the fact that we have all never met in person, speaks volumes of the integrity of Advantage RN as an agency. Dwayne is a fabulous recruiter. I cannot say enough good things about him. He is so great at his job. I have also had very positive interactions with Karen Hansen, Allison, and Margie. I would, and have, suggested trying travel nursing through Advantage RN, to colleagues. I will continue to do so.

Cyndy D., RN

I travel with Advantage RN because it’s ALL good…

Morgan T., RNI love to travel because I like freedom and adventure. I love to work in Alaska because of the people, the beautiful views, and all of the fun stuff to do. I love my Recruiter, Jeannie, because she goes above and beyond for me. She has more faith in me than I have in myself.

Morgan T., RN

I travel because I love adventure and my Recruiter…

Denise B., RNBeing a travel nurse has allowed me the opportunity to explore the US and learn about other places and the cultures within each community. I enjoy traveling with Advantage RN because there are no surprises. I love my recruiter Donna! She is great at listening to me and following through with my requests. She keeps in touch with me throughout my contract to make sure everything is going well, too. I also like the tax advantage program that Advantage RN offers for housing. I would highly recommend Advantage RN and Donna as a recruiter.

Denise B., RN

I travel with Advantage RN because they’re the best…

Tony K., RNWorking as a nurse for Advantage RN has been the high point of my nursing career. Great opportunities, fantastic assignments, awesome compensation and benefits make this the travel nursing company to work for. Come and join us. You’ll be glad you did.

Tony K., RN

I travel because my recruiter takes care of me…

Gene E., RNI have been with Advantage RN for over 4 years now. My recruiter is great – she calls me back if she was unable to answer the phone. She has never promised me anything that she didn’t follow through with. She gets problems solved quickly on the rare occasion they arise. Every time I talk to another nurse about joining Advantage RN I tell them how good they’ve been to me.

Gene E., RN

I travel because my recruiter is there for me…

Ann S., RNI have been an RN for 36 years and my specialty is critical care. I first started traveling in 1996 and have been traveling full time since April 2005. I have been with Advantage RN since 2005. My recruiter is Justin Hess. He has been there for me, always looking out for my best interests and on top of things. I have completed 23 contracts as a traveler and my favorite ones have been through Advantage RN. I feel fortunate to have a recruiter like Justin who cares about me as a person, not a contract. Justin has become a friend, a bond that is rare to find today. With other companies I have had recruiters who never call to make sure everything is ok on an assignment. Justin is always available and keeps in contact with me. I plan on staying with Advantage RN until I retire.

Ann S., RN

Traveling with Advantage RN has been amazing…

Jessica D., RNI have been traveling for three years and love working for Advantage RN. Traveling has been amazing for me – the paycheck is awesome and the experience incredible. It actually allows me to be home more and make more money for less work.

Jessica D., RN

I travel because I like the
experience as much as the paycheck…

Becky S., RNI initially decided to try traveling because I wanted to enjoy being a nurse again. Although I had support, I was stressed and getting burned out from things I could not control — like hospital politics and staffing holes. I was tired from having to pick up the slack. I now am enjoying my job again. I have gained more knowledge than I ever could have by working full time in the comfort zone of my home hospital. To me, traveling with Advantage RN is one of my best career choices yet. The experience is almost as great as the paycheck.

Becky S., RN

We travel with Advantage RN
because we can Travel Together…

Richard and Sherri M., RNsI’ve been a traveling nurse for many years and have been with Advantage RN for the past four. Last year my wife started traveling with me. On a whim, we bought an RV. Now we are truly Traveling Nurses! Over the past year we’ve worked throughout the Southwest and now we are in California. We winter in Monterey – life’s tough! So the next time you pass one of those “big rigs” on the road, give a wave. It might be us!

Fast forward to late 2013 and I’m still on the road. Unfortunately, I am spending the winter in Santa Barbara this year! Someone has to do it. My recruiter, Jeannie G. hooks me up. If it wasn’t for her I might be forced to retire and bake cookies!!

Richard and Sherri M., RNs

I travel with Advantage RN
because they make the experience even better…

Lisa M., RNAfter our youngest son went to college, my husband and I decided to quit our full time jobs and I would become a travel nurse. After talking to a lot of travel nurse companies, we chose Advantage RN. Now my husband, our cocker spaniel Jasper, and I travel all over the South – from Virginia to Florida. Everyone I’ve worked with at Advantage RN is awesome – from Jeannie my Recruiter to Pat in Housing to Margie in Payroll. All you have to do is pack your suitcase and take your toothbrush — everything else is set up for you. Over the past four years I have met nurses who have worked from Alaska to Hawaii and all across the U.S. I love travel nursing. Advantage RN just makes the experience that much better.

Lisa M., RN

I travel with Advantage RN
because I feel like I’m a part of a family.

Janice A., RNWe love to travel, and for us Advantage RN is the way to go! My husband and I have a fifth wheel travel trailer, so our home is wherever we are. My Recruiter and the staff at Advantage RN always get us a job at or very close to where we tell them we want to go!

Working for this company is like being a part of a big family. I had some health problems last year and we had to go home to Nebraska. But that wasn’t a problem — the staff must have a direct line to God’s ear because I got a job right in the town where my doctor was and where I was scheduled for my treatments. The best part was that it was just down the road from where our children live. They also made a special point of staying on top of my medical insurance and got me in the family medical leave program so we didn’t have to pay the higher Cobra rates. The staff cares and asks about family and the big moments in your life.
After a year I got the “all clear” news, and we were ready to hit the road again. Advantage RN got us the job we wanted, so we will be spending the winter in sunny California!

Life is good and Advantage RN is a big part in that good life. Good friends, the best jobs and the best pay and benefits around. I recommend Advantage RN to everyone and anyone who wants to travel and have the support and pay you need to do what you love!

Janice A., RN

I travel with Advantage RN
because my Recruiter is awesome…

Toni M., RNMy professional relationship with my awesome Recruiter, Molly, is what I like the best about Advantage RN. Molly is a wonderful and kind individual who cares about the happiness of her nurses. She keeps in touch with me when I’m on the road and works very hard at getting me the assignments I want – even when that might seem initially impossible! She also gets great pay rates for me. The other people I’ve been in touch with at Advantage RN are also helpful and supportive, and I enjoy working for the company.

Toni M., RN

I travel because I want to live my DREAM…

Charlotte, RNAfter being employed with Advantage RN for one year I feel like I’m finally “LIVING MY DREAM.” The opportunities and individuals I’ve encountered have both motivated me and reinforced my self worth. I enjoy being recognized for the professional I am and the valuable contribution I bring to each assignment.

Charlotte, RN

I travel because they make it so easy…

Olivia L., RNEveryone I’ve been in contact with at Advantage RN – from my recruiter to the Housing and QA departments to the people answering the phones – are great. They are so caring. They’ve helped me take all the baby steps needed to transition from staff nurse to travel nurse.

Jeannie, my recruiter, has gone above and beyond for me and I always felt comfortable with her because I knew she was looking out for my best interests. I never felt pressured. I know what it’s like to care because I’m a nurse, and my recruiter genuinely cares. She answered all my questions in a timely manner, helped me figure out where to go, introduced me to other nurses who had traveled to the hospital before, and helped me gain my new license. When I got to my site I found my housing to be well furnished and equipped with everything I needed as a traveler. I also found that there was someone at Advantage RN to call 24 hours a day if things weren’t right. The whole experience has been great. I never thought I’d be able to travel, but Advantage RN gave me wonderful travel options and made the whole process so easy.

Olivia L., RN

I travel with Advantage RN because THEY CARE…

Terri P., RNMy experience as a travel nurse with Advantage RN has been more than wonderful, it has been a blessing! Not only do they offer great packages for nurses, they are competent, trustworthy, attentive and caring people. During the course of my employment with Advantage RN, my recruiter became a dear and lifelong friend. In the aftermath of losing my home in New Orleans to Hurricane Katrina, he was always there offering assistance in any way possible and providing a shoulder to cry on from thousands of miles away. My recruiter and the staff at Advantage RN will always be part of my “family” and will forever hold a special place in my heart. I am proud to be associated with such a supportive and caring company!

Terri P., RN

I travel because I get what I want…

Jodie M, R.N.Advantage RN has made a big difference in my life. Thanks to them and my recruiter Jeannie I now view travel nursing differently than I originally did. When I first started to travel, I was apprehensive – it all sounded too good to be true. Well, it is good and it IS true! You need to believe what you hear. Advantage RN has kept their word about everything — from housing to assignments. I thought that it would be harder to get exactly what I wanted. It’s not. I am now seeing the country in a way that I wanted to. I just pick where I want to go! So if any nurse likes new places and faces and is trying to see the country, Advantage RN is the way to travel.

Jodie M, R.N.