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Mission Ambassadors

Outstanding individuals living our Mission have been spotlighted here since the program was rolled out. Visit us again to meet more of these stellar individuals, or click here to nominate a traveler or employee now!

Winners include:

KendraKendra R., RN
Anonymous Nomination

iCare attributes: Advocate, Compassion, Excellence

“Since mid-2014, Kendra has been an outstanding traveler for Advantage RN. It’s not often you get calls from the facilities overflowing with praise for a traveler, but that’s exactly what we have received numerous times with Kendra. Her compassion and efforts to continually strive for excellence make her stand out in a crowd. Her positive attitude and ability to emerge as a leader in tough situations are exceptional qualities that should be recognized. The world needs more nurses like Kendra, and Advantage RN is fortunate to have her on board as a true advocate of excellence.”

Honorable Mention nominees: Kevin Neely Anderson and Karen Holland

KristaKrista A., RN

iCare attributes: Collaboration, Responsibility, Excellence

One of the first things I noticed about Krista was her dynamic energy, her compassion, and drive – all so impressive. I was also impressed how she performed on her first assignment when the hospital was restructuring and things were a little chaotic. Rather than being difficult or negative, Krista took the situation in stride. She was totally flexible and worked with other units and their managers to help open and transition the staff – all while maintaining her professionalism both on and off the floor. She never complained and always had an optimistic, can-do attitude, often stating: “I’ll do what they need me to do”. Her assignments have resulted in two unsolicited extensions – true reflections of the quality of her skills and the person she is. Krista truly exudes excellence in every sense of the word.

LornaLorna M., RN
Nominated by Tina Swisher, Recruiting Manager

iCare attributes: Compassion, Respect, Excellence

Lorna has been a dedicated employee of Advantage RN since 2009. She is not only excellent with her patients but with her recruiter as well. She strives to do her best on every assignment she takes with us, focused always on pleasing management as well as her patients and their families. She has left a positive impression with every Advantage RN employee she has come in contact with, too. Always a team player who goes above the call of duty, Lorna has received only excellent evaluations while on assignment and is often requested to return to the facility long after her assignment has ended. Her compassion and dedication are evident from the specialty she chose and her willingness to always be of service to others. She is upbeat and a kind soul. Although we have worked together for five years, we’ve never met face-to-face, yet I feel so close to her and can honestly call her my friend. She is a true role model for all the nurses in the field. I am honored to be her recruiter, friend, and confidant. I know I can count on her representing Advantage RN with excellence on every assignment.

AmberAmber C, RN

iCare attributes: Advocate, Compassionate, Excellence

Amber is an Advantage RN traveler who has been with us for almost a year. During this time she has been a great nurse and company representative. Not only has she worked her hours, stayed late when the facility needed her, but she has also picked up extra shifts, as needed, and has consistently stepped in to help her team. Her ED director loves her, and has commented on how flexible she is; she also appreciates Amber’s team player attributes.  Beyond providing exemplary patient care, Amber is upbeat, proactive with her career, and loyal.

Delois Y., RN
Nominated by Tina H., Sr. Recruiter, Team Leader

iCare attributes: Compassion, Respect, Excellence

Delois is the perfect illustration of the ARN Mission – she is an exemplar of excellence! She has been a dedicated employee of Advantage RN since 2010 (with her recruiter since 2007). She strives to do her best on every assignment, pleasing not only the hospital staff but also the patients and their families. She has received many WOW awards, as well as glowing references and evaluations. It is her compassion and respect of others that drives Delois to go above and beyond in providing superior patient care. I am honored to be her recruiter. I know I can send her to any assignment and be confident and proud that she is a representative of our Company and our Mission.

Kim HKim H, RN
Nominated by Katlyn G., Recruiter

iCare Attributes: Advocate, Collaboration, Excellence

Kim has been working for Advantage RN consistently for 7+ Years. She is due major Kudos for her loyalty to our company and for advocating our mission every day and on every assignment. She’s extremely knowledgeable, professional, and charismatic and brings the ARN mission of excellence with her while on every assignment. She does so as she’s preparing for an assignment as well. Kim always collaborates with Housing, QA and myself to ensure a SMOOTH, top quality and fast hire on process. She’s proactive with her paperwork to ensure she is always compliant and professional.

JenniferJennifer F, RN
Nominated by
Brittany R, Recruiter and Team Leader

iCare attributes: Advocate, Accountability, Responsibility

Jen is amazing and has excelled in every assignment. She has been offered an extension with every assignment and has received AWESOME evaluations from every Nurse Manager that she has worked under. Jen is the Nurse every hospital wants to have walk through the door and every Recruiter wants to place. She is truly an asset to Advantage RN, says her recruiter and nominator, Brittany Rider.

Mary MMary M, RN BSN;
Nominated by
Darren K, Sr. Recruiter/Team Leader

iCare attributes: Compassion, Advocate, Excellence

Mary has been traveling with Advantage RN for three years, and in that time “has been asked – even begged — by every hospital to extend,” says her recruiter, Darren. He continues, “She always goes above and beyond the call of nursing; she’s the nurse with the most positive attitude and best sense of humor. She’s the nurse I’d want taking care of me!” Mary, a Telemetry nurse with 13 years of experience under her belt, genuinely CARES, and the facilities can feel the love. “We’re very lucky to have her,” he says. In her three years with Advantage RN, Mary has worked in FL, VT, MA and MD. She and Darren share foodie stories in each area where she travels. She’s actually pictured her (on the far left) outside of Legal Seafood in Boston after enjoying a meal with two Advantage RN employees, Melyssa and Dee. Congratulations, Mary!

Megan TMegan T, RN BSN;
Nominated by Jeannie G, Sr. Recruiter

iCare attributes: Compassion, Respect, Responsibility

“Megan is an outstanding ER and Critical Care nurse. She has a passion for her profession and a natural aptitude for the subjects supporting it: anatomy, physiology, and general medicine. She genuinely cares about her patients. “Holding [a patient’s] hand during the most critical hours of a person’s life,” she says, “is the most fulfilling attribute of my job.” She also says her career was a choice and is now her identity, and she would not change it for any other role. Megan has been a nurse for almost seven years. She started her career at a Level 1 Trauma Center’s ED and eventually started work as a travel nurse and has worked in facilities in FL, GA, CA and Hawaii. Megan and her pup, Mudball, are engaged to a PA Megan met while traveling.” Congrats, Megan!