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FAQs about the Mission Ambassador program

Q. What is the Mission Ambassador program?

A. The Mission Ambassador program is a recognition program which rewards our providers for exemplary behavior supporting our Mission of Excellence and our iCare Culture initiative.

Q. What is your Mission statement, and what do you mean by an “iCare” Culture?

A. Our Mission Statement states: Be Excellent to Each Other — Our Customers, Our Employees, Our Families, Our Communities, Ourselves.  The Mission Statement provides  inspiration for the aims, values, and behavior of the all Company employees.

The iCare Culture initiative provides a roadmap for achieving our Mission.  The iCare acronym is comprised of a number of character traits which exemplify the caring needed to achieve our Mission of Excellence:

i-> Compassion Advocate Respect
Collaboration Accountability Responsibility -> Excellence

Note that the top row of iCare words (Compassion|Advocate|Respect ) pertain generally more to the Provider’s role toward a goal of patient Excellence while the bottom row (Collaboration|Accountability|Responsibility) are character traits our Travelers will strive for when working with their facility management and co-workers.

Q. What does “i” stand for?

A. The ‘i” stands for each Individual at ARN – as each person is critical to the good of the whole Company.

Q. How do I nominate someone?

A. You will use the form on our website to nominate your candidate. Eligible Traveler winners will have worked for us for a minimum of 26 weeks.  Providers may be nominated by their recruiters, Housing or QA coordinators, or by any other ARN employee with whom they are in contact.  They may also be nominated by their facilities.


Q.  What is the prize for winning?

A.   Details about each winner will be presented on the Advantage RN website. Travelers who win will receive their choice of an iPad Mini or Microsoft Surface.