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Mission Ambassador Nominating Form

Thank you for taking the time to nominate a worthy recipient to our Mission Ambassador program which rewards those whose actions exemplify our Mission of Excellence and an iCare attitude.

To nominate, simply fill in the details below.

  • In the space below, please provide details on why you feel your nominee should be a candidate for a Mission Ambassador and which three iCare attributes he/she excels in:

    i-> Compassion Advocate Respect
    Collaboration Accountability Responsibility -> Excellence

    Whether you are nominating a traveler who goes above and beyond on a daily basis to deliver superior patient care or an internal Advantage employee who’s focused on delivering superior customer service to our travelers, facilities, and his/her peers in any of the ARN brands (Advantage RN, Advantage On Call, Advantage Locums), we look forward to hearing YOUR nominee’s stories of Excellence.

    “My candidate excels in customer service. She always has a smile in her voice – even when the conversation is not going to be easy. She returns my calls/texts/emails quickly and provides the assurance and support I need to feel comfortable even when I’m thousands of miles away from my family.” –Recent Post
    “She was the perfect fit the day she arrived at our facility. She has such a positive attitude and is a good listener with excellent clinical skills. [She] really made an effort to fit in with our perm staff....” –Recent Submission
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.