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On Staff Clinical Educator

Missy Rodzinak, Advantage RN’s Clinical EducatorMeet Missy Rodzinak, Advantage RN’s Senior Manager of Clinical Operations– and clearly an Advantage RN advantage!

Missy answers some quick questions about her background and provides some words of wisdom for our travelers below:

Q: How long have you been an RN/BSN and where did you get your degree:  A: I received my degree in 2008 from the University of Cincinnati.

Q: Why did you choose nursing? A: Nursing was the perfect choice for me because I love the science, the disease process, the mystery and the investigating (why this kid/adult?) and the miracles.

Q: What was your specialty? A: Pediatrics. PICU, including RNICU, CVICU and BMT.

Q: What other related experience do you have?   A: I also have experience in Burn ICU, ER, OR, Psych, M/S, Tele, Neuro, L&D, Cath Lab, Radiology, PACU, LTC, and homecare. I was a member various education, policy and research committees.

Q. What do you like best about your job at ARN? A: It is a great place to work. Our nurses are really caring, wonderful people.

Q: How do you to relate to our nurses?  A: I understand what it is like to be a staff nurse. The hours are long. Patient loads are never perfect. Patients and families want to be home, so some days both parties are less than kind.  Travelers are not always treated equally. And the hospitals are now run on the strictest budget that most have never imagined. The job is stressful. The demands are high. My hat is off to them…

Q: What do you find to be challenges for the newer traveler vs the more experienced traveler?  A: The challenge to the new traveler is the fast pace of the orientation and sometimes integrating into the culture/understanding the values of the facility. The more experienced traveler understands the expectation and is aware there can be challenges, regardless of your travel experience.  If the nurse is looking for new challenges and to grow their skill base, traveling is the perfect alternative.

Q: What words of wisdom do you wish every nurse knew before he/she started an assignment? A: You were chosen by the facility. Arrive at the facility everyday on purpose to provide the very best care for your patients and families! They will never forget you and neither will the hospital.