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Best Apps for Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing jobs provide a great opportunity to explore relocating and trying a city on for size. They’re also a great way to gain to experience different hospital sizes, equipment and medical environments. If you’re seeking adventure, flexibility, and a change to your current working situation, you’ll feel right at home as a traveling nurse. To help make your travel nursing jobs even more fun, exciting, and a little bit easier, we present these great smartphone apps you can use while on your assignment. All of these apps are free and are compatible with iOS or Android, as indicated.

Making Travel Easier

TripomatiTripomaticc Travel Guide & Maps (iOS/Android)

While on your travel nursing job, this app will maximize your free time for visiting local attractions. You enter your destination and length of stay, and the app identifies popular places of interest. It will create an itinerary and travel routes with distances to and from your destination.

YelpYelp (iOS/Android)

Need shopping help? Call on “Yelp”! It will lead you to pharmacies, restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, and other local businesses. You can identify establishments by price, discount, and rating. Yelp also provides customer reviews to help with making decisions. It displays menus, photos, operating hours, and directions. It’s like having a local “Google” in your pocket!

ExpensifyExpensify (iOS/Android)

Want a quick and easy way to keep track of your expenses? Then Expensify is a perfect app for you. With Expensify, you can record your receipts and track time and mileage—all from your smartphone! You can even import your credit card transactions to help you track or report your spending. This app makes it easy for you to be responsible and stay on top of your finances—even while your are having fun traveling!

Making Work Easier

MediBabbleMediBabble Translator (iOS)

To facilitate communication with patients who don’t speak English, this app is a godsend on a travel nursing job. Questions are organized into categories and follow the sequence of a typical patient evaluation. A “Keyword Search” provides instant access to a full library of over 2,000 inquiries and instructions. Tap on a question to hear its translation. You can also turn your phone on its side to display a translation in large print, helpful for the hearing-impaired. Questions are formatted to prompt simple “yes” or “no” answers. Languages available are Spanish, French, German, Russian, Cantonese, and Haitian Creole.

MedscapeMedscape (iOS/Android)

Medscape from WebMD is an excellent resource for nurses who want easy access to clinical information. This app features Medical News, Drug Information & Tools, Disease & Condition Information, Medical Calculators, and much more. Of course, you’ll always be depending on your facility to provide specifics, but if you are looking for additional information on up-to-date medical news and clinical details, the Medscape app is a great tool for you.

Making Life Easier App (iOS/Android)

Do you like “To Do” lists? Then “” is for you! This app enables you to list to your heart’s content, according to date/time, location, task, and goal. You can be an organizational mastermind, keeping your lists in “work” and “personal” folders, and enjoying the pleasure of tackling those tasks one by one.


Code HappyCode Happy (iOS/Android)

The Code Happy app is designed as a forum for nurses to support, encourage, and connect with one another. Sometimes you might need some encourage from others who understand your unique life as a nurse. With the Code Happy app, you’ll be connected with other nurses who can help and encourage you. And, you can help support other nurses, too! Plus, Code Happy is a great way to connect and make friends with other nurses in your area!

Silva App LogoSilva Relaxation (iOS)

After a stressful day at work, we know you can use any help you can get to help you relieve tension and relax. The Silva Relaxation app will do just that by soothing you into a more relaxed state with “Laura” as your guide. Her lovely voice will take you through a 20-minute quick relaxation or 30-minute deep relaxation. This app is perfect to use when trying to fall asleep or when you just need 20-30 minutes to unwind from a day’s work.

Making Exercise Easier

J&J App LogoThe Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout App (iOS/Android)

With this app, all you need is 7 minutes and a chair to get a full-body workout! You choose the routine and level of intensity. Other programmed routines include the Core Workout, Beginner 9-Minute Workout, and the 21-Minute Cardio Blast. You can also create a customized workout by combining any of the exercises provided in the app.

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