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Best NICU Hospitals in the Country

Since we staff NICU travel nurse jobs, we thought you might be interested to learn what hospitals made the list for having the best NICU centers in the country. To make a list of the 10 best children’s hospitals in the country, U.S. News evaluated 179 pediatric centers in 10 different specialty areas; to help them make their final rankings, they asked 150 specialists where they would send the sickest children if they could choose from any children’s hospital.
In evaluating NICU centers across the country, U.S. News utilized a variety of factors to make their list of the top 50 neonatal centers. Some of these factors included the center’s reputation with specialists, the ability to prevent ICU infections, neonatal patient volume, nurse-patient ratio, and advanced clinical services. For 2013-2014, the top five hospitals with the best NICU centers included:

  1. Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA
  2. Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, OH
  3. St. Louis Children’s Hospital-Washington University in Saint Louis, MO
  4. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA
  5. Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH

We would like to congratulate these top 5 hospitals and all the others on the list for the wonderful job they do caring for the smallest and most vulnerable babies. We would also like to thank the nurses in these NICU units who work hard every day to save these precious lives.

If you are a NICU nurse with a desire to work in a top hospital for neonatal care, NICU travel nurse jobs may be a good option for you. If any of these top hospitals have a shortage of NICU nurses, they can use travel assignments to help fill their critical needs. Working NICU travel nurse jobs in top rated hospitals will look great on your resume and can help you enhance your career by allowing you to gain exceptional experience. Even if the hospital where you would like to work does not have open NICU travel nurse jobs, working travel assignments at other hospitals will help you increase your skills and build your resume. After working several travel assignments, you could apply for a permanent position at the hospital of your choice. If you are interested in working travel assignments, sign up for job alerts so we can notify you of open NICU travel nurse jobs.

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