Make-A-Wish 2017

Advantage RN
Advantage RN
April 11, 2017 00:17 AM (GMT-04:00)
Living Means Giving

Advantage RN representatives (Marianne, Anne, Alison, Susan, Kelli, Christine, Tamara, Taylor and AOC employee Shannon) attended the inspiring Big Wish Gala on March 10 in Cincinnati. The keynote speaker was a former Wish recipient who received a Nikon camera as her wish when she was 16 years old and battling cancer. She used her camera to photograph and document her cancer experience. Now, 32 and a cancer survivor, she’s a new mom and Make-A-Wish employee. According to Alison, "her story was incredible!"

Marianne’s daughter, Taylor, was spontaneously lured onto the stage to speak about her own recent Wish trip to Mall of America. She was nervous but did a great job under pressure! This year’s event raised over $300,000 which allows the organization to grant 42 wishes to worthy local recipients in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Stay tuned for future details about Advantage RN’s Make-A-Wish recipient.

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