Photography Projects for Travel Nurses

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Advantage RN
September 19, 2017 23:32 PM (GMT-04:00)
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Travel nurses have a very important job to do while on their travel assignments – taking care of their patients! But on their days off? Enjoying the scenery and snapping photos turns into a natural hobby for many of our travelers; it’s also a wonderful way to document a travel nurse journey. Interested in doing the same? Here are a few ideas of what you can do with your own photos.

Make Photo Books
There are a number of websites created to help people make photo books — complete with script, different backgrounds, and size options. Check out Shutterfly, snapfish and Mixbook for starters! There’s also Artifactuprising, PinholePress and Mpix, too. Turn to the Nowvel app to make creating photos books from your phone an easy thing to do. Whatever program you use, you’ll find your finished photo book will not only be a great keepsake but also an easy way to share your travel adventures with family and friends.

Create Images to Hang
In love with one of your photos? Blow it up and hang it as a piece of art on your wall! Or, get enlargements made, frame them, and give them to friends and family as a thoughtful and unique gift.

Make Items
There are a ton of photo-related websites to help you create items – including gifts — from your photos. Travelers can put their one-of-a-kind photos on coasters, mouse pads, mugs, t-shirts, blankets, and almost anything else imaginable. The gifts will help the traveler (and their friends) remember where they’ve been and make them wonder where they might travel next. Check out our Pinterest board here to get some more ideas!

Map Wall A fun and visual way to keep track of everywhere you’ve traveled to is to create a wall map. Take a photo of something significant in each location where you’ve traveled, and then place the picture in the relevant state’s location on the wall. Include photos of your new friends from the facility on there as well. The end result is a meaningful and visual reminder of all you’ve accomplished while on your assignments!

With thousands of open positions and high ratings from their current travelers through the “Best of Staffing” surveys, Advantage RN is ranked among the biggest and best travel nurse staffing companies in the country. In addition to helping you take advantage of all the benefits travel nursing offers, Advantage RN wants its travelers to take advantage of every opportunity in every location – like enjoying photography and making memorable items from the images gathered.

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