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Photography Projects for Travel Nurses


Travel nurses have a very important job to do while on their travel assignments – taking care of their patients! But on their days off?

Meet Spring T., RN

Advantage RN caught up with Spring T., RN, recently and asked her to share some of her travel nurse wisdom. Spring has been an RN for five years and a traveler for three. Her love of travel and adventure has met its match with her choice to be a travel nu

Memory Book Tips for Travel Nurses

The main lure of travel nursing may be professional, but traveling is undeniably one of the job’s greatest perks.

Squeeze Every Ounce out of Life, Pack your Bags, and Join Me!

As a nurse, the frailty of life is an everyday occurrence. We witness the beginning of life, the sustainment of life, and hold the hands of the dying. We have the privilege of caring for human life in all of its frailty.

Matt N., RN, Takes on Alaska

Matt started working with Advantage RN in 2010. One of his first and favorite assignments, Anchorage, Alaska. When asked what his favorite part about travel assignments in Alaska was, Matt simply said, “It’s just a lot of fun.

Chelsey W., R.N., Shares Her Travel Nurse Tips

When asked what piece of advice she would offer new travel nurses, Chelsey said “Never be afraid to ask for help.