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Photography Projects for Travel Nurses

camera-headerTravel nurses have a very important job to do while on their travel assignments – taking care of their patients! But on their days off? Enjoying the scenery and snapping photos turns into a natural hobby for many of our travelers; it’s also a wonderful way to document a travel nurse journey. Interested in doing the same? Here are a few ideas of what you can do with your own photos.

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Meet Spring T., RN

Spring T., RNMeet Spring – an Experienced and Happy Traveler with Advantage RN

Advantage RN caught up with Spring T., RN, recently and asked her to share some of her travel nurse wisdom. Spring has been an RN for five years and a traveler for three. Her love of travel and adventure has met its match with her choice to be a travel nurse! Read on for more details and check out her photos taken from her out-of-facility adventures. (more…)

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Memory Book Tips for Travel Nurses

scrapbooking_suppliesThe main lure of travel nursing may be professional, but traveling is undeniably one of the job’s greatest perks. A whole new world opens up with each job assignment! One great way to preserve the memories of your adventures is to create a memory book for each travel nursing location.

Here are several ideas for the busy travel nurse about how to easily create memory books:

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Meet Kelley R., RN

Kelley RichardsIn her own words, Kelley tells us what it’s like to walk a mile in her travel nursing shoes…

I have been a nurse for nine years and a travel nurse for two. My nursing career goal from the start was to be travel nurse as I always enjoyed traveling.

What I like most about travel nursing is that I get to enjoy traveling the country with my BFF — aka my husband – and, at the same time, I get to enjoy regular time with my children and grandchildren who live in different states. (more…)

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Squeeze Every Ounce out of Life, Pack your Bags, and Join Me!

A life-changing event leads to life changes

Insights from ARN Traveler Hilliary, RN

Hatcher's Pass, AlaskaAs a nurse, the frailty of life is an everyday occurrence.  We witness the beginning of life, the sustainment of life, and hold the hands of the dying. We have the privilege of caring for human life in all of its frailty.

The most difficult and lifeless hands I have ever held were those of my father’s on January 26, 2016. However devastating his death, it was also the beginning of a journey of healing and self-exploration.  His final words requesting that I live a happy and fulfilling life got me thinking about working as a traveling gypsy nurse where my passion for people, nursing, and travel could culminate into a beautiful opportunity. (more…)

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