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Clinton Foundation Giving Circle

Clinton Foundation Giving CircleThe Clinton Foundation Giving Circle’s purpose is to create partnerships between entities for the purpose of making the world better. This means bringing together businesses, governments, NGSs, and individuals, and matching them with current issues such as improving global health, increasing opportunities for women and girls, reducing childhood obesity, creating economic opportunity and growth and helping communities address the effects of climate change to make changes for the better.

Recently, for example, The Clinton Foundation teamed with VOW (Veterans Operation Wellness) and sponsored some fitness activities to help connect veterans to their communities. By engaging veterans through fun and rewarding activities, stress, isolation, and depression can be reduced – and a renewed or sustained sense of purpose, identity, and support can set people on the path toward health and fulfillment. The Clinton Foundations activities are all inclusive so access to their programs in this area is open to all veterans as well as civilian members of the community.

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