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Curing Homesickness: It’s Just An App Away!

While traveling for work can be extremely rewarding, it’s not without its challenges. One of the greatest benefits of being a travel nurse is making new friends in the exciting cities where we work. However, sometimes we may feel homesick for our friends and family far away. Fortunately, modern technology holds a hangover cure thanks to a huge selection of apps for smartphones that make it easy to stay entertained and connected to loved ones.

Words With Friendswords

For a great gaming experience that is fun, relaxing and social, Words With Friends is one of the most popular apps available. Physical distance may prevent one from playing a game with loved ones, but with this app distance is not an issue. Words with Friends is similar to Scrabble, and players can engage in live chat while playing the game.

Twitter: The 140 Character Homesick Cure
Twitter may seem like an obvious choice, but the constant feed of real-time information from people back home should not be overlooked. When working away from home, one of the biggest factors that causes homesickness is a sense that one is missing out on all of the “little things.” By keeping a Twitter feed that focuses on users from home – including retail stores and news outlets – it’s easy to stay abreast of what’s happening while away.

The Inexpensive Remedy: BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is a wonderful app for staying connected and is now available for all smartphones. Users can engage in private or group chats, send photos, videos and other files, and place calls with the voice chat feature over a data connection or Wi-Fi. Suddenly home won’t seem so far away with this convenient app, and because calls don’t cost anything anymore, you don’t have to worry about sending money on long-distance or international phone calls.

Snap Away The Homesick Blues

Flickr and its companion smartphone app offers the ability to subscribe to users’ PhotoStreams for regular updates, search via keywords or tags, and of course shoot, edit and share personal photos. It can be a real cure for homesickness as it is favored by both professional photographers and amateur enthusiasts, meaning that it is just as likely to see gorgeous landscape panoramas as it is to find a snapshot of a favorite bakery counter or music venue from back home.

Escape With a Book

Amazon Kindle is available for all smartphones, and being able to tote around an entire library of one’s favorite books is a true comfort. Being on the road does not have to mean complete isolation and disconnection, and having a near-endless supply of great reading material ensures there will never be another mind-numbingly boring wait at an airport or while between shifts.

All of these apps are free, and can help anyone alleviate homesickness no matter where you are – in the woods in Alaska or even on the beach in Florida – which makes a travel nurse career an even more rewarding one.

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