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Document Storage Tips for Travel Nurses


Apps for Keeping Travel Nurses Organized

Document Scanning

Keep as little paper with you as possible by digitizing your documents. Apps like TurboScan, TinyScan, and GeniusScan transform any mobile device with a camera into a portable scanner. Make front and back copies of everything, and make sure your certifications are signed in all of the right places.

Document Signing

Apps such as SignNow, SignEasy and Docusign eliminate the need for pen and paper altogether. These apps let you sign any document digitally with the swipe of your finger. You can even integrate signing apps with storage apps.

Document Storage and Sharing

Your phone or laptop should never hold the only copies of important documents. While you’re on the road, back up everything with apps like Box, Google Drive, DropBox and Microsoft’s One Drive. These services let your store information on remote servers so that you can access your documents from any device anywhere, and they allow for quick and easy file sharing.

Travel Nurse Necessities

Which documents should travel nurses be able to access at all times? Aside from certifications and licensure, professional references, medical documentation, immunization records, skills checklist/s and an up-to-date resume are just some of the documentation that travel nurses will find beneficial to be able to retrieve quickly. Keeping them stored electronically just makes good sense.

Tips on Keeping Confidential Documents Safe

Travel nurses carry with them a lot of responsibility. Losing your phone could have dire consequences if it contains sensitive personal information. Protect your data with as many passwords as possible, and don’t use the same password for every application.

Consider using password protected files, also known as encrypted files, that you can send or store digitally to add an extra layer of security. Programs like B1 Free Archiver let you password protect individual documents.

Also, keep your professional and personal lives separate. Retaining important information relating to your career in one place and your personal information in another helps you access the right documents quickly and stay better organized.

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