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Fun Tech Gadgets for Travel Nurses

people-apple-iphone-writing - CopyTravel nurses love adventure, flexibility, and freedom of choice – including the ability to be in control of our own schedules. To help you take advantage of free time in the city you’re working in and exploring, Advantage RN has compiled a collection of fun tech devices designed to help you stay on track – at work and at play.

Take a look at these great tech gadgets that can help keep you happy while on assignment.

1. Dashboard Camera – CDR 900 HD DashCam

Capture fascinating local scenery with this mini dashboard camera. It records all the delightful details and lets you share them via your smartphone. Wi-Fi streams both stored and live video footage. The included app responds to remote commands and the DashCam provides high-quality images, even at night. A wide viewing angle spans the road and peripherals, without edge distortion. You can also view road trips on your computer or HD TV. With an LCD screen measuring just 2 inches, this cutie is easily stowed in your handbag.

smartwatchThe DashCam sells for $192 at

2. SmartWatch – Sony SmartWatch 3 (Android)

What makes the Sony a stellar smartwatch are built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, and NFC. Near Field Communications technology lets you pass data between two smartphones by touching the devices together. Other valuable features are an easy-to-read display and longer battery life than most competitors. The Sony houses a USB port, so you don’t need a charging dock. The watch responds to voice commands. The GPS tracks distance, speed, and elevation, useful parameters if you’re a runner. The app saves all your workout stats, which are viewable at

The Sony SmartWatch 3 sells for $169 at

3. Home Monitoring Camera by Withings (iOS)

This is your window to what’s happening at home. It’s an HD camera that works with a smartphone app. View the action from wherever it’s displayed. A two-way microphone enables free video chats. The unit records events in five-second increments and adds them to your Home Diary. A 24-hour playback mode shows the day’s events in less than a minute. The camera also features noise detection, motion sensors, and air quality alerts. The device connects you with family and friends while you’re away from home.

The Withings Home Wi-Fi Camera sells for $199.95 at

4. World’s Smallest Travel Steam Iron

For a crisp, polished look on and off the job, use this nifty travel iron. It’s roughly the size of a computer mouse. Though small, the 420-watt device emits a powerful blast of steam. With three temperature settings, it’s suitable for every type of fabric, including silk, linen, cotton, and wool. The non-stick soleplate easily glides across clothing. A generous 7.5-foot cord gives you a wide ironing radius. The appliance comes with a free lifetime guarantee.

Hammacher Schlemmer sells this petite sweetie for $29.99.

5. SwissCard Tool Set

Always prepared, you’ll appreciate having this gadget at the ready. The SwissCard is the size of a credit card and holds nine tools: scissors, screwdriver, letter opener, ballpoint pen, toothpick, tweezers, pin, and two rulers in centimeters and inches. Each tool is cleverly recessed within its own niche. The SwissCard comes in four colors – ruby, sapphire, pink, and onyx.

The tool set is sold by Victorinox for $38.

6. Basis Peak Health Tracker (iOS and Android)

This fitness monitor is a workhorse. It automatically gauges running, walking, biking, and sleep. It tracks your metabolism in terms of heart rate, skin temperature, and calories. You receive notifications for calls, texts, emails, and calendar events right on your wrist. It nudges you to make small changes toward achieving fitness goals. If you’re under stress, it coaches you to calmness with breathing exercises. In addition to syncing with your smartphone, it interfaces with your PC or Mac. The carbon steel wristband is sturdy yet comfortable. Free regular upgrades keep you current with the latest tech advances.

The Basis Peak sells for $149.99 at

These tech devices are sure to inspire you to get out and capture the sights of your current city and keep you organized and prepared for anything that comes your way – on the job and at home.
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