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Here are some of the questions we hear most often from our new and experienced nurses. We’ve sorted them into categories to help you zoom to the ones you are most curious about.  Simply select a question from the list below to get your answer or scroll down to read all of our questions and answers.

General Questions

Travel & Housing Questions

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General Questions

Q. What are typical characteristics of a successful and happy travel nurse?

A. The best travel nurses are confident, adapt easily to new situations, and enjoy meeting new people and discovering new surroundings.  They maintain a positive and professional attitude and are eager to learn new processes and procedures as they “flutter” from facility to facility.  We liken them to our logo, the butterfly — unique, patient, and bringing to and taking from the best on each travel assignment.

Q. How long do I have to be a nurse, tech, or allied professional before I can become a traveler with

Advantage RN?

A. You’ll need at least two years of experience as a nurse or healthcare provider and at least one year of current experience at an acute care facility in your specialty area before you can travel with Advantage RN. Many facilities also require that their travelers be American Heart certified.

If you have been off the floor for more than six months OR want to work in a specialty where you have not worked in the last six months (but you have at least one+ years of experience in that specialty), The Joint Commission now requires you to take an assessment test in your specialty area before you are submitted to a position.

Q. I want to travel soon – is that possible?

It’s totally possible! Those who find the best assignments quickly have completed an application and the appropriate skills checklist/s. They have current experience in the specialty area in which they want to work, and all of their licensing and medical documents ready and current/active. They are flexible about their travel locations and have current and good clinical references from their most recent supervisors.

Q: Has the current economy changed travel nursing?

A. The good news is the need for nurses and travel nurses is and will remain strong. (The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 26% increase in the nursing force by 2020.)  The recent economic shift, however, which is requiring more productivity from employees, means hospitals are asking more from their nurses and staffing agencies. This translates into more upfront documentation, immediate interviews, and quicker start dates.  It also means travelers need to be flexible about their travel locations and willingness to float.

The benefits of travel nursing remain strong as well.  Higher paychecks, less red tape and adventure can still be yours in this – or any — economy.  It’s just important to be extra organized so you can quickly respond to our requests for paperwork (application, skills checklists, references, work history, certifications, etc.).  As you would expect, the best performers will continue to be rewarded with ample job placements and opportunities.

Q. Can my spouse travel with me? What about my pet dog/cat?

A. Yes, bring your whole family – and your pets!  Our Housing department aims to accommodate your family, pets — or both — and provide you with the safest and best possible “home-away-from-home”!

Q. Is it possible for me to travel with my best friend who is also a nurse?

A. Sure! As long as the hospital has positions available for both of you, this is possible. We’ve accommodated lots of traveling pairs at Advantage RN.  Remember, too, if your friend is a new traveler, you could earn a Referral Bonus (from $500 – $1,000) for recommending her/him to work with us.

Q. Are the travel assignments always 13 weeks?

A. The majority of the assignments are 13 weeks but assignments can be as short as 8 weeks or as long as 26+ weeks.

Q. Is it possible for me to extend beyond my 8/13-week assignment?

A. Extensions are offered to our travelers a lot more often than not and it’ll be your choice to take the extension or travel to a new assignment.  Some facilities fall in love with a traveler so much they’ll even offer the traveler a permanent position – and it’ll be your choice to take the permanent position or do what most of our travelers do – continue traveling!

Q. What if I get to the assignment and I don’t like it?

A. If for some reason you get to your assignment and do not like it, PLEASE talk/call/text your recruiter ASAP!  There might be a communication issue that can easily be worked out.  Our goal is always to work with you and the facility to correct/remedy any issues to ensure all parties are focused on high quality care and positive work experiences and adhering to the Nurse Confirmation details.

Q. How long is my contract with Advantage RN?

A. You will be contracted with us for the length of time detailed in your Nurse Confirmation.  The majority of our travelers enjoy working with our Team so much that they continue working with their Recruiter and Advantage RN long after their first 13-week assignment.

Q. Can you find me a job in the exact city and facility I specify?

A. That’s the goal – but it’s not always possible for a variety of reasons.  A hospital may not use travelers or there might not be an opening.  If we don’t have an open position in your desired area, however, our Business Development team will often make calls to local facilities and target market your specific profile.

The best way to land the most sought after location or position is to be on top of your game.  That means you need to be flexible and have all of your documents and certifications current and easily available so you are ready to jump on the job opening quickly!

Q. What happens if I have a question or situation in the middle of the night?

A. We’ve got you covered!  Our on-call 24/7 Hotline – that connects you with a real (and caring) person — was created to give our travelers peace of mind and that extra support you may need when you are on the road and away from the familiarity of home.

Travel & Housing Questions

Q. What type of housing will I be in?

A. We make arrangements for all sorts of private housing — from a fully furnished studio or one bedroom apartment to an Extended Stay-type Hotel. Whatever you prefer, we will try and accommodate your needs. Have a pet?  Our Housing team will find a pet-friendly facility for you.

Q. Can I find my own housing?

A. Of course you can!  And you can then contract directly with the property management company associated with your selected housing to make arrangements.

Q. Can you suggest some helpful housing websites?

A. Sure! Check out these sites when you want to explore your own housing:

Licensing/Certification Questions

Q. Is it hard to get a license in another state where I’d like to work?

A. Your Recruiter will be happy to fill you in on the specific details of getting a license in the state you may want to work in.  All state licensure requirements are different. For example, some states (approximately 25 of them), are Compact States which means your licensure is reciprocal within the states that participate.  (Current Compact states can be found at www. Other states are Walk Through states which allow a nurse to bring all required licensing paperwork to the new state’s Board of Nursing which then provides the required license within a few days.  Other states require longer waiting periods

Well seasoned travel nurses will plan their assignment areas ahead of time so they can get the proper state licensure ready before they are ready to travel to the new location.

And don’t forget: Advantage RN will reimburse you for the required licensure expenses relating to your travel assignment/s with us after your assignment.

Q. What if my ACLS/BLS is expired or is close to expiring while I am on an assignment? What should I do?

A. Advantage RN’s team of Compliance Coordinators will help you find a testing location in your area for helping you to quickly renew your license.  You can rest easily while on assignment knowing your own Advantage RN Compliance Coordinator will help you stay on top of all of your job-related documents with expiration dates.

Q. How about CEU courses?  What type of assistance does Advantage RN provide for taking these courses?

A. We offer FREE and unlimited CEU hours for our travelers so you can keep up with many of your continuing education hours for FREE!  There are over 700 online classes in 44 specialty areas available.  In many instances you can take these courses in lieu of attending the required classes for recertification.  So when you are working with Advantage RN you can get recertified, brush up on your fetal monitoring skills, take a management class or even check out the new course on the legalities of nurses using Facebook – for FREE!

Compensation, Benefits, Insurance and Bonu$es

Q. How often will I get paid?

A. You will get paid every Friday.  We provide direct deposit to your checking or savings account. You can view your payroll information online 24/7 through our payroll provider’s website.

Q. Tell me more about the Per Diem Non Taxable Travel Expense Reimbursement Program. Do I qualify?

A. There are some initial rules that need to be followed in order to qualify for the Per Diem Non Taxable Travel Expense Reimbursement Program. Some of them are:

  1. You must have a tax home. Generally, your tax home is where you normally reside and pay taxes. If you constantly travel and have no permanent residence, you would not qualify for this program.
  2. Your tax home must be different from your travel assignment location. If you are working in the general proximity of your tax home and return home nightly from your shift, you would not qualify for the program.
  3. Your assignment must be less than one year. You may have multiple travel assignments and extensions of assignments, but each original assignment plus extensions at one location must be less than a year.  You must also return to your permanent tax home a minimum of 30 days per year.
  4. All tax questions should be directed to your personal tax advisor. The ideal tax advisor is a licensed professional who has experience working with those who take temporary work assignments away from their homes.

To learn ALL the qualifying details of the Per Diem Non Taxable Travel Expense Reimbursement Program, please consult a licensed Tax Consultant, or visit the IRS at

Q. Tell me a little about the benefits I get with Advantage RN.

A. In addition to your weekly paycheck which will be deposited directly into your savings or checking account which you can view online 24/7, you’ll receive first day medical insurance, optional add-on dental and Voya benefits, free life insurance, professional certification and license reimbursement, free and unlimited CEU courses and credits, loyalty bonuses, referral bonuses ($500 – $1000 each!), and company-matching 401(k)!  You also get one-on-one relationships with a caring team of professionals – your recruiter, compliance coordinator and housing coordinator who are all eager and ready to help you soar to and on your new job!

Q. Can I add my spouse and/or children to my insurance?

A. Yes, you may add your spouse or children to your insurance for additional fees.

Q. Do you offer any type of retirement or 401(k) plan?

A. Yes! We offer a 401(k) program which matches 25% of up to 6% of your eligible compensation. That means free matching money for you and more money for retirement! Travelers are eligible to participate in the 401(k) program after working 260 hours in a consecutive 90-day period or 1,000 hours in a 12 month period. Matching begins after you have been working with us a year and you are fully vested after three years of employment.  

Q. Tell me more about your Referral bonuses.

A. Social Butterfly is Advantage RN’s new referral program and it’s better than ever before. We have more ways to earn big money, plus additional incentives to keep you motivated. We know that there is no better resource than our current travelers to find experienced RNs that you think might be a perfect fit for Advantage RN.

Q. Do you offer a Loyalty Bonus? Sign On Bonuses?

A. As a way of saying Thank You for working with us, Advantage RN offers its travel nurses Loyalty Bonuses of $250 — $500 on every 13-week extension you accept with us. When a facility offers a Sign On bonus, we pass on a bonus to the traveler as well.

Questions about the Interview with the Facility

Q. How long will it take for an interview once you send my profile to the facility?

A. Hospitals vary in the time between receiving a profile and interviewing the nurse.  On average, a facility will interview an applicant within three days of receiving the details of an applicant.   Some may be quicker to respond and others may take longer to schedule an interview.  It’s critical to keep your  recruiter on top of where and when YOU are available for an interview — and how you can be reached the quickest – so we can keep the interview and hiring process on course and find you an assignment!

Q. What kind of questions will the facility ask me?

A. Your recruiter will provide you with a list of sample questions to help you feel comfortable with the interview, or, check out this resource page.

Q. How soon will I start working after my interview?

A. Once an offer is accepted we can get your started as quickly as you are available as long as all your documents and licensing is complete and activated.  As a general rule, most travelers start their assignment within two to four weeks of accepting a position. Before your interview your recruiter will tell you the start date the hospital is requesting.

Q. Are my chances good for getting a job offer after an interview?

A. Your chances of getting a job offer with Advantage RN are EXCELLENT – over 90% of those interviewed get an offer!  Do you have two years of current hospital floor experience, excellent clinical references, an active license, current medical requirements, and documents ready for us to review?  Then get ready to land a compatible travel position and hearing a “YES, we want YOU” from your new facility!