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Exploring Your New City

There are a number of ways to explore the city you are traveling to. For starters, check out the city’s Chamber of Commerce and ask for their latest Visitor’s Guide. You can contact the Chamber by using this link:

The Internet sure makes it easy to find things to do in your new assignment city. Here are some of the sites we found that provided lots of information about local events and other fun!

Check out:

  • Go to and Google “things to do in [name your city]” and you’ll be provided with lots of choices of activities. You can narrow your search to specific days, months, or searches related to your interests as well.
    The site provides information on a ton common interest groups who meet in specific cities. Looking for a group of people who meet and bird watch?  Kayak?  Biking groups?  Check this site out!
    provides lots of reviews on local businesses
    This site provides users with original, unbiased and experiential travel content on top attractions, things to do, restaurants and more for many cities around the world.
  • Sign up on or to receive discounts on activities/offerings in your new city.
  • Where Is is a free app that provides information on local restaurants and things to do. It includes coupons as well.

Don’t feel like exploring your new city but want to still stimulate your brain? Then check out and one of their 3500+ videos covering everything from math and finance to drawing and art history. What an enlightening way to spend an afternoon!

Another wonderful way to spend your time off would be to check out Ted Talks — a site with hundreds of videos designed to inspire, amuse, and fascinate. Learn, cry, be in awe — you’ll be able to do it all as you enjoy the engaging talks on this site.

Want to explore on your own and need a car? Check out which is an hourly rental car service and available in many larger cities.

Thanks for traveling with us!