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Traveler Interview Questions

The following are potential topics of discussion for your upcoming interview. Addressing them will help you gain a clearer picture of the hospital and your potential working conditions.

Good luck!  Don’t forget to relax during your interview so that you are able to portray yourself as the competent and dependable traveler you are.

Possible topics of discussion include:

  • Hospital location
  • Name of unit manager
  • Name and title of person you will report to
  • Confirm shifts/rotations
  • Floating requirements
  • Certification requirements
  • Type of patients on the unit or to be seen daily
  • Number of hospital beds
  • Number of unit beds
  • Nurse-to-patient ratio on your proposed shift
  • Confirm start date
  • Level of acuity
  • Staffing mix
  • Charting methods
  • On Call Responsibilities
  • Charge Responsibilities
  • Uniform requirements
  • Test requirements
  • Scheduling/weekends/holidays
  • Number of Travelers in the hospital/Unit
  • Overtime availability
  • Policy on pre-scheduling days off/schedule changes

If applicable:

  • Number of facilities where you’ll be working
  • Supervisory responsibilities