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Gift Ideas for Travel Nurses

Blog-Banner-GiftsTravel nursing is an exciting career option but it can also bring a little homesickness at times. Does the travel nurse close in your heart need a little love from home? Sending something from home is thoughtful and caring. And while sending a card is a good idea, our travelers have told us sending a gift may be even better! Here are a few gift ideas sure to bring a smile to the travel nurse in your life:

Comfort Foods
Yes, travelers know they should eat well, but there’s just something about yummy comfort food from home that is especially satisfying when received while on the road. Send some homemade cookies for your traveler to share with other nurses at the facility, or send another favorite item your traveler may be craving that is unavailable in their assignment city.

Shoes/Gift Card
Since your traveler is on her/his feet many hours each day, why not send a new pair of comfortable and supportive shoes? Or, even a gift card to a shoe store located in the traveler’s current location is a great (and sure to be welcomed) idea.

Shopping Outings
Gift cards beyond the shoe store work as a great gift idea as well. Get online and uncover popular restaurants or shops located in your traveler’s new city. Then, treat your traveler to a relaxing massage or a nice dinner. Let them choose the activity by sending a pre-paid universal gift card — accepted anywhere! But beware: a sincere call of thanks is sure to follow!

Yep, they say a picture speaks a thousand words. And sometimes being a travel nurse means missing a birthday or another special event. Sending a photograph is the perfect way for travelers to feel connected and closer to those they love. Pictures are easy to hang up in a room or in a locker at their facility – sure to bring a smile whenever it’s viewed.

Is your traveler a highly active person conscious of her/his health? Then a Fitbit may be the perfect gift for tracking everyday activities. There are even weekly FitBit challenges where your traveler can compete with friends across the country – like you – and compare steps taken each day.
Advantage RN sincerely wants all of their nurses to feel as happy and healthy as possible while on assignment. Receiving gifts from home are sure to help these nurses not only do their jobs better – but also with a bigger smile.

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