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Healthcare Industry Insight

Healthcare IndustryAdvantage RN would like to share some Healthcare Industry Insight after attending this year’s Healthcare Staffing Summit in Dallas earlier this month.

Healthcare Staffing revenue is projected to hit $10.2B by the end of 2014 and $10.9B by 2015. With this growth, healthcare providers can expect to see an increase in job opportunities available to them, a rise in their pay rates, and a wide variety of career possibilities! The projected growth by segment is as follows:

Healthcare Occupation Year: 2014 Year: 2015
Travel Nurse (RN) 5% ^ 8% ^
Per Diem Nurse (RN) 3% ^ 5% ^
Locums 7% ^ 8% ^
Allied 3% ^ 7% ^
Industry Total 4% ^ 7%^

In terms of settings needing your help the most, Hospitals still show the highest demand for Healthcare employment but Ambulatory settings are beginning to outgrow Hospital employment. There has also been a staffing explosion in the delivery models sector. Delivery models include companies like: Walmart, CVS, Target, Kroger, Physician’s offices, Urgent Care, stand alone ER, Dialysis and urgent Dental.

Travel RNs in the highest demand in 2014 and beyond include: OR, LD, NNICU, PICU, ORT, CVORT.

Working in one of these specialties?  You have MAJOR job security!!

The fastest growing healthcare occupations projected over the next 10 years include:

Personal care Aides +49%
Home Health Aides +48%
Genetic Counselors +41%
OT Assistants +41%
PT Aides-Assistants +41%
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer +39%
Cardiovascular Technicians +39%
PT’s +36%
Audiologists +34%
Dental Hygienists +33%
NP’s and Nurse Anesthesiologists +31%
Surgical Techs +30%
OT’s +29%
RN’s +24.5%

The average Healthcare occupations are growing at 24% for this period vs. the average for all other occupations growing at 11%.

Bottom line: You were so smart to choose a career in healthcare.  The future is bright!

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