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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Hospitals Choose Advantage RN?

Finding top notch nurses can be a full time job for many hospitals. Let Advantage RN be an extension of your own quality staffing efforts.

From our track record of delivering high quality health professionals, to our 48-hour-per-week no overtime billing, to quick interviews with experienced nurses from all specialties, you’ll find that Advantage RN is just what the doctor ordered — big enough to service your travel nurse needs and small enough to value each hospital relationship.

The following FAQs were designed to help you gain an understanding of the services Advantage RN offers its client facilities.  Pick a question from the list below or scroll down from top to bottom to view all the questions and answers.

What are some of your differentiators?

Advantage RN’s size distinguishes us from the competition.  Although we were recently recognized as the 9th largest travel nurse staffing company in the industry in 2012, we are still small enough and have the hands-on management involvement needed to make decisions quickly in order to creatively attract healthcare professionals when needed (setting up special contests for our recruiters in order to uncover hard-to-find specialty nurses, for example) yet large enough to provide the dedicated departments (and divisions) needed to ensure only quality candidates are sent to our client facilities.

Our focus on quality — which has resulted in various awards and accolades from hospitals and vendor management partners and zero deficiencies from audits — is another differentiator.  It ensures that the healthcare professionals delivered by Advantage RN are skilled and competent and will meet your own quality standards.

We understand each healthcare facility has unique requirements and we have the processes in place to ensure the immediate and ongoing requirements of our hospitals are met. Once a new contract is received, for example, QA Management and our Contracts Manager will create a “Hospital Requirement Checklist” that highlights the testing and other special needs of each facility.  A Joint Commission tracking spreadsheet is another monitoring vehicle that helps us track the regulations defined by Joint Commission.  We also monitor and track our professional staff with both internal and client performance evaluations.

Another differentiator is our financial stability which means we’ll be here to support you in the future.  Yes, the recent economic conditions did impact our bottom line.  But our ability to quickly make necessary changes has resulted in our strong balance sheet and high bank ratings.  This stability has further allowed us to organically start (Advantage Locums) and expand through acquisitions (Advantage On Call) other healthcare related staffing companies in order to expand our deliverable services to our client hospitals.

Low turnover — both internally and with our healthcare professionals — is another distinction. Our 12 member Sales and Client Development Team has an average of 5.5 years tenure with Advantage RN and turnover of our 36+ recruiters remains low.  Our employees are engaged and rewarded for their success.  25% of all employees have a vested interest in Advantage RN through our employee stock plan.  We reward our healthcare professionals for staying with us with us as well through bonuses, a generous matching 401(k) program, and more, and as a result, our healthcare professional turnover rate is low.  A core group of travelers (about 300), for example, have been with us 4-7 years.

Partnering with our clients to understand their needs — and delivering them — is another differentiator.  It’s also a goal we feel will help us remain financially strong in the future.  When our healthcare clients told us to focus on quality, for example, we hired an RN with extensive experience in the quality assurance area. When they told us they wanted to uncover a way to lower their overall travel expenditure, we introduced our 48-hour guarantee which lowers costs and helps reduce the time spent on scheduling, orientation and training.  When they told us to expand our offerings so they could rely on fewer staffing companies, we started our Locums division and expanded our Advantage On Call division. Continuing to strategically partner and understand customer needs – particularly in this time of healthcare transitioning – is a win-win goal sure to benefit our hospital clients now and in the future.

How does the 48-Hour Guarantee Program work?

Our 48-Hour Guarantee Option that allows your hospital to utilize our nurses for up to 48 hours per week without incurring any overtime fees. You simply give our nurses a guaranteed 48-hours of work per week, and the overtime issue is a non-issue.

There are many bottom line benefits to utilizing this option:

  • First, it gives your hospital an extra shift each week at NO EXTRA COST.  If you have multiple Advantage RN nurses on board, you’ll have MULTIPLE free (non-overtime) shifts each week.  This may mean fewer travelers for your hospital overall.
  • Second, when you compare the total rate you are paying for one of your nurses to work 40 hours per week plus eight hours of overtime versus what you’ll pay with an Advantage RN nurse on a 48-Hour Guarantee, you’ll see that the cost of doing business with Advantage RN is on par (or less) than what you are paying your staff nurses and significantly lower than doing business with other travel nurse companies.
  • Third, since most of our nurses come with more than eight years of experience, many are competent in more than one specialty area so they can float to all the areas where they have expertise and where you have a need. Nurse Managers who schedule will enjoy the flexibility our nurses afford their facilities.
  • Think about this: Hiring three nurses at 48 hours per week is the scheduling equivalent of hiring four nurses at 36 hour per week. Fewer nurses mean less time is spent on scheduling, paperwork, orientation, training. Ultimately it means more continuity of service, a more manageable workforce and generally better, more consistent patient care. So whether you opt to use the 48-Hour Guarantee program for all Advantage RN nurses or for a few of them, the option is certain to make a positive contribution to your bottom line.

How do we recruit qualified, experienced nurses?

Our extensive database is made up of thousands of nurses in all specialties. Our Recruiters are on the phone daily with their pipeline of nurses building rapport and uncovering needs. We advertise in industry-specific publications and utilize other lead generating marketing efforts. We also utilize search optimization methods to secure better website rankings. As a result we are able to reach new prospective travel nurses through our website each month.

Our generous Referral Bonus program brings more qualified nurses to us.

Once on-board, we treat our nurses as people, not numbers. We work hard to find our healthcare travelers assignments that meet both their financial, career, and personal goals. We value our partnership with them.

How do we get fast, consistent responses to your job orders?

To speed up the process of continually delivering qualified nurses, we recruit new nurses of all specialties on a daily basis. We retain all of their most recent paperwork so they are ready to be submitted quickly after a job order is posted. Our nurses are also pre-closed and ready to accept an assignment before they are submitted. We understand the time commitment on your end to interview a nurse; pre-closing a nurse is our way of respecting that time.

Who will be taking care of your hospital?

A Client Development Manager (CDM) will be your one point of contact at Advantage RN. He or she will be in constant contact with you, as needed, to confirm needs, provide submittals and confirm hiring details. The Client Development Manager will also help you deal with any and all issues during the assignment of the traveler.  A quick resolution to problems is as much of a priority to us as it is to you. A CDM’s day is not complete until emails and voicemails are addressed.  Each CDM has a company-provided cell phone to address client issues beyond office hours.