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Industry Trend Podcasts for Travel Nurses

While the life of a travel nurse can be hectic, it’s also rewarding!  It also requires that you stay on top of the latest nursing trends so you are welcomed team player for the facility you’ll be assigned to.

pexels-photoLuckily, the popularity of podcasts has soared, and subject matter experts have begun recording themselves in nearly every industry – including nursing and healthcare!

With the wealth of podcasts now available to those who engage in travel nursing, you can keep yourself tapped into your profession easily and in an entertaining way. Here are our picks of five interesting podcasts that travelers (and all potential travelers) should find particularly interesting:

Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts include HealthNews Feed and the PodMed Podcast. HealthNews Feed aims to keep nursing professionals up to date with the current medical news. PodMed focuses more on current and upcoming developments in medical literature and aims to allow those who listen to become active participants in managing their own health — as well as the health of others.

Medscape Nurses Podcast

The Medscape Nurses Podcast focuses more on news than entertainment. Its goal is to share the most recent updates in the field of medicine as a whole, with episodes that often revolve around a single topic sparked by a single question. These questions are often ones nursing professionals, including those in travel nursing, ask themselves or may be asked by their patients. This podcast takes great strides towards completely educating their listeners in an easy-to-understand-and-digest manner.

ONS Podcast Series

The Oncology Nursing Society has been producing podcasts featuring insightful and incredibly informative interviews with authors in the medical field. These authors take the time to expand on the subjects they have written about and are asked about most often. The hosts of this podcast perfectly blend hard-hitting journalism with the field of nursing to keep listeners entertained and fully informed.

Insights in Nursing

The Insights in Nursing podcast is great for travelers interested in learning more about the nursing trends. Each episode tackles difficult topics, and the show’s creators encourage their listeners to ask themselves difficult questions, such as questions revolving around some kind of moral conundrum. This podcast is excellent for late nights and is full of material sure to spark conversations during work breaks!

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Lectures

The Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Lectures podcast is a no-nonsense informative podcast with education at the heart of its goal. Episodes focus with intense scientific scrutiny on current topics within the medical community. Each episode includes long sound bytes from lecturers with easy-to-follow breaks in the content. This podcast is especially good for those with long plane or car rides on the way to and from job assignment locations.

Podcasts are great tools for learning and entertaining and ideal for travel nurses on-the-go.  Interested in tiptoeing into the world of travel nursing? Contact Advantage RN and we’ll link you with a recruiter who can help you get started whether you are a new travelers or one with loads of experience. Want to receive emails about jobs in your specialty area?  Then fill out this quick form and we’ll get you signed up!

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