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Make New Friends as a Travel Nurse

file2361294259955Some of the greatest rewards of being a travel nurse are the chances to explore new cities and make new friends. Connecting with other nurses and health care professionals on the job can be beneficial both personally and professionally. It could also be just what you need to discover your assignment city’s hidden gems – known only to the locals.

Even if you’re a natural extrovert, making new friends on your travel assignment is often easier said than done. Your busy work schedule – that could include both day and night rotations – can make meeting up a bit challenging. The good news is that with just a little effort and planning, you can make your next assignment not only a memorable experience but also one that could result in lasting friendships. 

6 Ways to Make Friends as a Travel Nurse

Invite a Co-worker to Lunch.  Each week, invite a different co-worker out to lunch and spend time asking them questions about their life and interests, as well about the job. Not only will you gain valuable insight to help you learn more about the facility and possibly even how to do your job better, you’ll likely have more fun doing it because your co-workers are now your friends.

Host an Open House or Party. Why not open your home or apartment to your new friends at work and from your apartment complex or extended stay facility? Have light bites and a selection of beverages available or invite guests to bring along their favorite “go to” dish when traveling.  An open house is an easy way to spend more time with potential friends and colleagues

Organize a Trip to a Tourist Site.  Enlist fellow travel nurses to accompany you to a local tourist destination.  Ask locals for tips on where to eat or other interesting places to stop on your way to and from the tourist attraction.

Join Think about as a Facebook for neighbors. This social site is growing in popularity and is an excellent resource for travel nurses who are new to the community. On you can introduce yourself, connect online with others nearby, and get advice on anything from the best places to eat to where to get keys made.

Another reason to join is to stay on top of crime in the area.  In some cities, police departments actively contribute to the site by alerting neighbors who are members to recent car or home break ins and answering their concerns. This site might also prove to be a valuable resource when you are making your own housing arrangements.

Volunteer.  Giving back to your new community is a great way to make friends with people who share your interests. Consider volunteering your time at the facility where you’re working – especially if they support a cause close to your heart.

You could also check out ways to lend a hand at a local animal shelter, homeless shelter or soup kitchen. If you’re passionate about the environment, reach out to the local Sierra Club or civic garden center. If you’re an art lover, look into docent opportunities at a local gallery or art museum.

For additional opportunities look into a national organization such as The United Way which has volunteer opportunities across the county. Visit their site to learn more about opportunities in your area where you can volunteer for the three months you are living in that city.

Get Active – or Artistic. Ready to learn how to use your new camera? Love playing soccer? Tap into your interests and hobbies to make new, like-minded friends. Contact your local community center to join an intramural sports team – perhaps even as a substitute for an established team if you are planning on being on assignment for three months.  You can also check out the community education programs at a nearby university for art, language and even drama classes. Yoga studios, meditation centers, and even gyms are great places to meet those who share your health, well-being and fitness interests. offers another opportunity to make connections with people in your new town with similar interests. You can join easily by creating a profile and can then sign up for all sorts of group activities like hiking, dancing and even join groups to meet for weekend brunch.

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