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Meet Advantage RN Travel Nurse Lindsay R., RN: On Assignment in America’s Last Frontier

snow-landscape-mountains-natureWonder what it’s like to be a travel nurse with Advantage RN? We caught up with one of our travelers, Lindsay R., who has been a part of the Advantage RN team for a year. Currently on assignment in Alaska, one our most popular destinations, Lindsay shared with Advantage RN her advice for new travel nurses and what she loves about her assignment in America’s last frontier.

“I chose Advantage RN for the ability to choose the location I wanted,” said Lindsay. “I also love the ease of scheduling and the opportunity to broaden my horizons and have new learning experiences.”

Advantage RN: What advice would you give a new traveler who is ready to embark on her or his first assignment?

Lindsay: Be flexible, a team player and offer assistance to coworkers even though you aren’t a permanent employee at the facility. Be open for new learning experiences – you should never stop learning. Every hospital I have been to so far has always welcomed me with such gratitude and acceptance, so don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, because your work reflects on their facility as well as the agency you are working for.

Advantage RN: When you first arrive at a new facility, what do you do to feel more comfortable? Are there tools or habits you use to help you explore your new location?

Lindsay: I use the Meet Up app. It allows me to connect with different individuals with similar hobbies/interests in the area. I always go out and explore the city I am in upon arrival. I research different local events to get involved in the community, so that I can get an authentic experience alongside the locals.

Advantage RN: What are some of the challenges you have faced as a travel nurse? How did you overcome them?

Lindsay: Getting prepped and prepared for new assignments can seem like a daunting task at times. I always take a week off between assignments to complete all the necessary compliance paperwork and tasks and get to my new location and get settled.

Advantage RN: What has been your favorite assignment with Advantage RN so far? What made it special?

Lindsay: Alaska has been wonderful so far! The locals and coworkers at the hospital have made it such an amazing experience and I have seen firsthand of the Alaskan hospitality. For example, my family is coming to visit and not only did my coworkers give me extra winter gear for me and my family to use, but also different local produce to sample like moose!

Advantage RN: Where would you like to travel on future assignments?

Lindsay: I love traveling to places that I otherwise would not have the opportunity to live or stay for extended periods of time.

Advantage RN: What do you like least?

Lindsay: Ironically enough, I hate moving! It has forced me to limit possessions and only take the essentials!

sitka-alaska-3-1576569Be a Travel Nurse in Alaska

Inspired by Lindsay’s assignment in Alaska? Can you picture yourself working as a travel nurse amid some of the country’s most beautiful, untamed landscapes? If you’re adventurer looking for an opportunity to explore amazing natural wonders including Mount McKinley and Glacier Bay, consider becoming a travel nurse in Alaska with Advantage RN.

The healthcare industry in Alaska is growing rapidly, and so is the need for qualified nurses. Our travel nurse assignments are flexible and financially rewarding, and as a nurse with Advantage RN, you can take advantage of private housing, first day benefits and bonuses among other incentives. On your days off, you can be inspired by the breathtaking views and explore the great outdoors with new Alaskan friends. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to receive Hot Jobs for your specialty today!

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