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My Sandy Hook Family Fund

My Sandy Hook Family FundThe recent tragedy at a Connecticut grade school touched our hearts as it did our entire nation’s.  After some investigating we uncovered and donated to a fund created by families in Newtown to specifically support the immediate and continuing needs of the 26 families who lost children and loved ones in the Sandy Hook School tragedy.  “We are the parents of the children who survived,” it states on the My Sandy Hook Family Fund website, “We are the classmates, friends and little league coaches…we intend to use the donations to pay for immediate needs as well as ongoing expenses … until they are back on solid ground. Please help us help our neighbors beyond sharing their tears….”  To learn more about this fund and read a heartfelt and inspiring letter from the father of one of the fallen angels, please check out:

This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 9th, 2013.
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