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New Year’s Resolutions for Travel Nurses

A whole New Year lies ahead and this is the perfect time to reflect on where you’re going next. From your upcoming travel assignment to your newest personal goals, there’s nothing like a resolution to get you in the swing of things.

Sure, you’ve done this before, but this is a chance to experience your resolutions in a fresh way. After all, now that you’re a traveler, everything is a little bit different every new place you go. If you’re new to traveling, then starting the travel nurse part of your career is an easy way to kick-start your resolutions right away.

As you make your plans, here are six new ideas for what you can do to get in your new groove:

Go Somewhere New

girlMaybe you’ve been working in places you are familiar with, and perhaps it’s time to branch out. Take a look at Advantage RN’s website for jobs that may interest you, and consider the kinds of adventures you can have in places you’ve never been. Alaska? New York? Arizona? Live by the beach? Enjoy a mountain view every day? Let your heart and geography be your guides. After all, you made the wise decision to go into nursing – now it may be time to take advantage of all the opportunities your chosen career can take you!

Make A New Connection With Old Friends Or Family

bikePut the Auld Lang Syne message to work. As you start to plan your next assignment location with Advantage RN, think about a place where you already know people. If it’s been a while since you’ve connected, this is a great opportunity to reconnect and know each other better again. Plus, you’ll have someone to hang out with on occasion, and someone to introduce you to other new people.

Learn Something New

schoolTry a new hobby or learn a new skill that isn’t about what you do at work. Check out free online educational sites like CourseERA, Khan Academy or OpenCulture to explore a multitude of topics. Or feel like a brainiac when you listen to a free podcast offered by any of these prestigious universities: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, UC Berkeley or Carnegie Mellon.  Looking to gain some more nurse-related skills?  Advantage RN offers FREE online CEU courses for the nurses who travel with them.

Adopt Some New Healthy Habits

buddha-buddhism-statue-religion-46177-mediumEveryone does this, right? Well, if you like to be a part of the crowd, go for it! Join a gym. Go on a diet. But there are other new habits you can start. Make a goal to be more mindful this year. Meditate. Take a yoga class. Try Tai Chi. Dip into the other side—the diet side—and take a cooking class. Try a new recipe or a new food once a week. Broaden your exercise and nutrition routines. You might just get the biceps or the baguette you’ve always wanted.

Give Back To Your New Community

It’s never too late—or too early—to start volunteering. Before you depart for your next assignment city, look for a nonprofit that’s doing something you like. Tutor a teen. Help shelter animals find new homes. Fundraise for art or music programs. Whatever makes your heart glow with goodness.

Add New Items To Your Itch List

norway-mountain-sky-blue-mediumDon’t stop thinking about the future when the ball drops. Continue to think about your own long term, bucket list goals all year long! What are you itching to do? Climb Mount Everest? Learn to line dance? Have dinner with George Clooney? Or maybe just have dinner somewhere he has? Seize the day: Let your life-long dreams drive the coming year. Make the list, and make it happen.

As you cross Janus’s threshold, grab a hold of the new year. Advantage RN is here to help you make your New Year’s dream a reality. Check out our Job Finder or email hidden; JavaScript is required today.

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