Social Butterfly is Advantage RN’s new referral program and it’s better than ever before. We have more ways to earn big money, plus additional incentives to keep you motivated. We know that there is no better resource than our current travelers to find experienced RNs that you think might be a perfect fit for Advantage RN.

To show you how much we appreciate you talking us up to all your nurse friends and colleagues, here’s everything we now offer:


Tier 1

Excellent Egg-strovert
$500 • First Referral

Tier 2

Loquacious Lar
$750 • Second Referral

Tier 3

Chatty Chrysalis
$1,000 • 3 - 5 Referrals

Tier 4

Bubbly Butterfly
$1,250 • 6 – 10 Referrals

Tier 5

Superstar Swallowtail
$1,500 • 11 – 19 Referrals

Tier 6

Majestic Monarch
$2,000 • 20+ Referrals

Talk about a magnificent metamorphosis, we added even more:

When you become a Bubbly Butterfly, in addition to earning $1,250, you’ll also “earn your wings” and receive a social butterfly lapel pin. Wear it proudly, show off a little and keep the conversations going.

When you become a Super Swallowtail, in addition to earning $1,500, you will also receive a Social Butterfly pop socket to more easily carry your phone on the go.

We’re really breaking out of the cocoon… look what else we have to offer:

Social Butterfly of the Month will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card to treat their social network (or just themself) to some coffee or snacks!

Two Social Butterflies of the Quarter will receive a $150 Ticketmaster gift card (each!) to maintain their social status and explore their new town/city… and maybe even bring a friend along!



With so many new rewards to be had, it’s time you spread your wings and hit the social scene with force.

Send in your referral by simply completing the form on this page.

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