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$1,000 Referral Bonuses = More $ummer Ca$h for YOU!

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Hurray! Advantage RN has increased its Referral Bonuses to $1,000 for RN referrals beginning TODAY (May 20, 2015) and continuing until Labor Day!

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Here are the details:

  • To qualify, the referred nurse MUST provide the name of the nurse who referred him/her on the Advantage RN application.
  • RN being referred must start a 13-week assignment between May 20th and September 8th.
  • Referred nurse must contract for a minimum 13-week assignment.
  • Referral Incentive applies for RN’s ONLY (Home health, Hospice, ORT’s, CST’s, CVORT’s are not included in incentive.)



  • This bonus will NOT be prorated; the Referral Bonus will decrease to $500* if the assignment taken through this incentive is less than 13 weeks (*or the amount due the nurse through our normal Referral Bonus program).
  • If the referring nurse is already at the $1,000 Referral Bonus threshold, she/he will remain there.Alarm Clock
  • But remember: this is a limited time incentive and ONLY applies for referrals provided through an Advantage RN application beginning May 20 and ending at midnight on September 7 (Labor Day).

Phone ConversationHand with MoneySo call your friends, relatives, neighbors and all your RN friends and see who is available to travel. And then start collecting the money!

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