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Go Off the Beaten Path on Your Next Travel Nurse Assignment

So you’re thinking about travel nursing. Or maybe you’re already a travel nurse and you’re looking for your next assignment. Sure, you’ve heard about—and possibly already experienced—great travel nurse jobs in Alaska, California, Florida, or Texas. But don’t forget, there are 50 states, and many, many cities to experience and explore. Maybe it’s time to practice your top notch clinical skills in some places you might not have originally considered, such as Wisconsin, New Mexico, Massachusetts, West Virginia, and Idaho.

Before we dive into the enticing details about each of these states, now is a good time to consider a key factor of being a travel RN: cost of living. Depending on the city you choose, your cost of living can be dramatically different, and it’s good to remember that a bit more expendable income could make a huge difference in your experience. (more…)

This entry was posted on Thursday, August 18th, 2016.
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