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Travel Nurse Destinations

Yes, staying warm in the winter is a major benefit of travel nursing. Here are five more benefits — as told to us by our very own travelers:

  1. Experience new adventures: “Being a travel nurse has allowed me to explore the U.S. and learn about other places and cultures.” – Denise B., RN
  2. Avoid hospital politics: “I was stressed and getting burned out from hospital politics and staffing holes. Not so much anymore. Traveling is one of my best career choices.” – Becky S., RN
  3. Get hired quickly: “It took three hours from the time I met my recruiter to contract signing. That absolutely rocks!” – Steve S., RN*

    *P.S. from Advantage RN: Although this really did happen, we need to acknowledge that three hours is very, very fast. Three days to three weeks is more of the norm.

  4. Receive super support: “My recruiter and my housing and QA coordinators are always there for me.” — Rosa C., RN
  5. Live in comfortable quarters: “When I got to my site, I found my housing to be well-furnished and equipped with everything I needed as a traveler.” — Olivia L., RN

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