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Travel Nurse Employment

Travel Nurse EmploymentTravel nurse employment is a great opportunity for nurses who want to advance their career and experience the fun and adventure of travel. Healthcare providers around the country have a shortage of nurses, so they hire travel nurses to fill their critical needs. Nurses can utilize this strong demand for their services to work temporary assignments at hospitals or healthcare facilities near areas they would like to visit.

Contracts for travel nurse employment typically last a few months, so travel nurses have the opportunity to experience life in many different places across the country. Travel nurse employment provides the unique opportunity to experience the many different adventures of travel while working as a nurse and receiving great pay and benefits.

Does travel nurse employment sound like a good fit for you? If so, we can help! Visit our job finder to see all of the different travel nursing jobs we have available. You can also sign up for job notifications so we can alert you of openings in your specialty area or openings near a destination you would like to visit. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of travel nursing and how you can get started in a career as a travel nurse.

Benefits of Travel Nurse Employment

Travel nurse employment is a rewarding and adventurous career. As a travel nurse, you will receive an abundance of benefits while creating memories that you can reflect upon and smile about for the rest of your life! Some of the benefits of travel nursing include:

A Widening of your Career Experience

With travel nurse employment, you will gain experience by working in a variety of clinical settings. If you are looking to advance your career as a nurse, for example, you can choose travel nursing jobs in a magnet facility. Working in a number of different top rated hospitals will not only help to improve your clinical skills but will likely help you connect and network with experts in your field. Bottom line? It will help you build a stronger resume.

Travel nurse employment can also help you get your foot in the door if you are seeking full-time employment at a facility. Some nurses utilize travel nurse employment as an extended interview with a hospital where they would like to work full-time. When a facility experiences you doing a good job during your travel nurse assignment, they can potentially offer you a contract extension or even a full-time position at the end of your contract.

Conversely, travel nursing allows you to evaluate how you like working a certain facility before you commit to working there long-term. If you are looking to gain varied career experience, travel nurse employment would be a great choice for you.

Travel Opportunities

For those who enjoy traveling, travel nurse employment is one of the best careers you can find. With travel nursing, you only commit to living in one area for a few months at a time, which gives you the flexibility to experience many different destinations and employment opportunities while continuing to further your core career. Some nurses utilize travel nurse employment as a way to visit distant relatives or friends. Others choose travel nurse employment as a means of “vacationing” all over the country.

During your shift, you will be working hard at a hospital or healthcare facility, but when your shift is over or on your days off, you will be free to experience the best each new destination has to offer. If you find travel nurse employment in Arizona, you can take a day trip to visit the Grand Canyon or Meteor Crater; in Florida, you can spend your days off relaxing on the beach or enjoying theme parks; in California, you can visit national parks like Yosemite, relax on the beach, or experience night life in Los Angeles or the glitz of Hollywood; in Alaska, you can gaze at the aurora borealis and witness the grandeur of nature.

Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, travel nurse employment can provide you with amazing travel opportunities.

Benefits Package

Travel nurse employment comes with a comprehensive benefits package in addition to its excellent career experience and travel opportunities. The first part of the benefits package is competitive pay. As a travel nurse, you will have the opportunity to make more money than you would as a permanent nurse. The pay rate for travel nursing employment can vary depending on location, specialty and position, but travel nursing jobs can start in the range of $30 per hour and can go over $50 per hour. Generally, travel nurse employment closer to vacation destinations pays less because there are more nurses vying for the available positions.

In addition to great pay, travel nursing offers other benefits. At Advantage RN, our benefits package includes healthcare coverage, life insurance, company-matched 401(k), license reimbursement, bonus opportunities and more. With great pay and excellent benefits, travel nursing is an attractive career for many nurses.

Get Started with Travel Nurse Employment

If you are interested in travel nurse employment, you may be wondering how to get started. The first step to becoming a travel nurse is completing an application and skills checklist. This application and skills checklist will help our recruiters find a position for you by allowing them to match your skills and experience with available positions. If you are looking for a job in a particular area, you can sign up for job alerts or search our travel nursing job finder to see available nursing positions in your specialty area.

After you complete the application, one of our helpful recruiters will be in contact with you to help you find the right position. When you find the right position, your recruiter will send your profile to the hospital or healthcare facility. Then the hospital will evaluate your application package to see if you are a good fit for their staffing needs. If the hospital believes you might be a good fit for them, they will interview you to learn more about you and your skill set and to determine whether or not to offer you the position. We will help you prepare for your interview, so you can be confident you will do well— in fact, nearly 90% of our interviewed nurses receive an offer for their position. When you receive an offer, all you will have to worry about is packing your bags and starting your adventure. You’ll be assigned your own Housing Coordinator who will arrange every detail about where you will stay during your assignment. Talk about a stress reliever!

Partner with Advantage RN for Travel Nurse Employment

At Advantage RN, we are here to help you get started in your rewarding career as a travel nurse. We are one of the larger travel nursing agencies, so we always have a wide range of available positions. When you partner with us, you get a company who will provide you with excellent service and the best travel nursing assignment you have ever experienced. Sign up for job alerts so we can contact you about openings in your specialty area. Your rewarding career as a travel nurse is waiting for you—partner with Advantage RN for travel nurse employment today!