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Travel Nursing Agencies

Travel Nursing AgenciesBecause of the current nursing shortage, hospitals and healthcare facilities now turn to travel nursing agencies such as Advantage RN to fill their nursing needs; this need is projected to increase in the future. Travel nursing agencies enable hospitals to provide uninterrupted patient care by offering qualified nurses to fill facilities’ temporary nursing vacancies.

Most travel nursing agencies staff nurses for assignments lasting 13 weeks, but the contract length can be longer or shorter depending on a facility’s needs. The best news for nurses is that travel nursing provides a great opportunity to advance their careers, experience the adventure of travel, and make great money. Talk about an outstanding opportunity!

If you are a nurse looking for travel nurse employment, you can sign up for job alerts or visit our job finder to search for available positions. If you are a hospital or healthcare facility searching for travel nursing agencies to help fill your staffing needs, visit our hospitals page to learn more about the services we provide. Continue reading to learn about what factors you should look for when searching to partner with travel nursing agencies.

Travel Nursing Agencies: How to Find the Best Partner

Look for Experience

One of the first factors to evaluate when choosing a travel nursing agency is experience. In this industry, there are many different travel nursing agencies, but not every agency is created equal. One of the best ways to choose a good agency is to choose one that has experience. Choosing a travel nursing agency with many years of experience should give you confidence that the agency is an expert in serving nurses and will be able to resolve any issues you may have while on your travel nurse assignment.

At Advantage RN, we are one of the most experienced travel nursing agencies in the industry. We began serving hospitals and nurses in 2003, so we have over a decade of experience built into every decision we make. Our management team has over 160 years’ worth of experience in the industry! So when you choose Advantage RN as your travel nursing agency, you can relax and feel confident– we know what you are looking for from a travel nursing agency and we deliver!

Look for Resources

Another factor to evaluate when choosing a travel nursing agency is resources. Some travel nursing agencies have more resources than others, so this is an important factor to evaluate before partnering with an agency. One way to determine the resources of a travel nursing agency is to ask them about the number of hospitals and healthcare facilities they serve. If any agency does not serve a large network of healthcare providers, you may have a very limited selection of travel nursing jobs from which to choose. Travel nursing agencies with fewer resources typically offer smaller benefits. Be sure to ask about the agency’s benefits package before choosing to partner with them. You will want to make sure you are receiving the competitive pay and great benefits you deserve as a travel nurse.

At Advantage RN, we have the resources to provide you with a great travel nursing experience! As one of the Top 10 travel nursing agencies, we have a large selection of available travel nursing jobs. We serve nearly 500 hospitals all around the country, so you are more likely to find a job you want close to where you want to go. We also provide every nurse with a great benefits package. Our benefits package includes first day healthcare coverage, free life insurance, company-matched 401(k), license reimbursement, bonus opportunities, free CEU hours and much more. With Advantage RN, you can be sure we have all the resources to provide you with an exceptional travel nursing experience.

Look for Service

Another important factor in evaluating travel nursing agencies is service. Service is what separates the good travel nursing agencies from the great travel nursing agencies. A good agency can have experience and resources, but if they lack excellent service, they will never be great. To determine the level of service a travel nursing agency will provide, ask them how they will help you prepare for your assignment and how they will resolve any issues you have once you begin your travel nursing job. If the company does not have a plan on how they will serve you before and during your travel assignment, you may want to look elsewhere for a travel nursing agency with which to partner.

At Advantage RN, our goal is to provide all of our travelers with excellent service so they have the best travel nursing experience possible. Our excellent service starts from the very beginning when an experienced recruiter listens to your wants and needs to find a perfect position for you. When our recruiter finds your compatible position, our experienced compliance team will make sure your medical documents and medical licensures are all current, and our experienced recruiters will help you prepare for your interview. Nearly 90% of our interviewed nurses receive an offer, so you can feel confident we will prepare you well. We also have housing coordinators who will listen to your housing wants and needs and make all of the arrangements to deliver furnished, comfortable and safe housing near your new travel nursing job. And how about after hours assistance? With Advantage RN you have access to a company representative 24/7 so you never feel alone on your assignment. When you partner with Advantage RN, you get a travel nursing agency that provides excellent service in addition to great resources and extensive experience.

Choose Advantage RN as Your Travel Nursing Agency

With over a decade of industry experience, superior resources, and excellent service, we believe we are the best travel nursing agency to help you find your next travel nursing job. If you are interested in partnering with Advantage RN, you can view our available travel nursing jobs or contact a recruiter to get started. Want to learn about jobs for your specialty? Sign up to receive notifications of jobs in your specialty area! Your best-ever travel nursing experience is waiting for you—partner with Advantage RN today!