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Travel Nursing Companies

Travel Nursing CompaniesThere are hundreds of travel nursing companies out there, so finding the best company to work with can be a challenge. Larger travel nursing companies often have significant resources but lack the personalized services and care every travel nurse deserves. Other travel nursing companies may offer personalized support but lack the resources needed to find a travel nursing job you want or may not offer the best benefits.

At Advantage RN, we don’t think you should have to choose between resources OR service when partnering with a travel nursing company. Every travel nurse should have the opportunity to work with a company offering useful resources AND excellent service. We believe we are the best travel nursing company because we have the financial strength behind us to offer you a large selection of travel nursing positions, great benefits, and excellent service and support.

If you are searching for a travel nursing job, visit our job finder to see available positions. And then visit our About Us page to read about Who We Are and why we are the best travel nursing company for you. Take a peek at our employee photo gallery to get a feel for who we are, or check out our Facebook page or Pinterest page.

The Perfect Size Travel Nursing Company

Big Company Resources

Advantage RN is the ideal size travel nursing company to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) ranked us as the 9th largest travel nursing company in their 2012 and 2013 List of Largest U.S. Travel Nurse Staffing Firms. As a larger company, we have worked with thousands of healthcare providers, so we know first-hand the challenges and rewards of the profession and have sculpted our services to address your needs. By serving nearly 500 hospitals nationwide, we have the experience and resources in place to help you find a job in any nursing specialty area and in locations all over the country. Looking for a travel nursing job in NICU, ER, CVOR, L&D? Or, do you want to work on the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, or Northeast? Not to worry! We can find a position to meet your needs.

As a larger travel nursing company, we also offer our nurses an abundance of benefits. Our benefits package, for example, includes first day healthcare coverage, free life insurance, a company-matching 401(k) savings plan, competitive pay, bonus opportunities, referral bonuses and much more. Advantage RN’s size means we have the resources to find the jobs you want and give you the benefits you deserve. With Advantage RN, you can relax and feel confident you are working with a company offering you the best in what travel nurse staffing can offer.

Small Company Service

Yes, we have the resources in place offered by the larger travel nursing companies, yet we are small enough to provide the personal service and support our travelers need while looking for a job and while working an assignment. From our caring recruiters (to help you find a compatible job) to our quality assurance coordinator (to help you get all of your documents organized and updated) to our housing coordinators (to help you find housing in your new location) and to our 24/7 support line (for after-hours telephone support assistance), you’re taken care of each step of the way so you can focus on your new job and your new city and your new adventure!

How about your paycheck? We’ll deposit it directly into your savings or checking account each week and you can view the details online 24/7.

So, relax! With Advantage RN, we have you covered from start to finish. You have spent your life taking care of others, let us take care of you while you are enjoying all of the benefits a travel nurse job can offer!

A Travel Nursing Company with Experience

With over a decade of experience, Advantage RN knows the industry from all angles. From a small start-up in 2003 with six employees sharing a single office, Advantage RN has grown to be one of the larger travel nursing companies in the industry. Our commitment to excellence as reflected in our Mission Statement is the cornerstone of our company and of our success.

This commitment to excellence has allowed our company to thrive when many others have failed. The recession in 2008 exposed faulty business practices by many travel nursing companies and, as a result, a large number of these businesses had to close their doors – some even stranded their traveler on assignments. At Advantage RN, we have continued to serve every one of our travelers throughout the recession, and we have emerged from the economic downturn stronger than ever. Our experience in the travel nursing industry and our track record of being financially strong should provide you with confidence that when you are working with Advantage RN, you are working with a solid partner here to support its travel nurses now and in the future.

Advantage RN: The Best Travel Nursing Company

When you choose Advantage RN as your travel nursing company, you don’t have to compromise between service and resources. With Advantage RN you get a company with the unique combination of resources needed to find the position you want and excellent service to have the best assignment you have ever experienced.

Bottom line? We care about our travelers. Our entire team of employees cares about your needs and focuses on working together to give you the best travel nursing experience possible. Our Mission of excellence started when we opened our doors with a small six person team in 2003, and it has allowed us to grow to the Top 10 travel nursing company we are today. View our available travel nursing jobs, sign up for job alerts, and complete an application to see for yourself why we are the best travel nursing company for you.