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Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing jobs provide nurses witTravel Nursing Jobsh the unique opportunity to expand their skills and make great money, experience the adventure of living in different cities, and travel to work in healthcare facilities almost anywhere in the country. Hospitals and healthcare facilities around the nation have a strong demand for nurses, so you can find amazing career opportunities near the destinations you want to visit.

Travel nursing jobs are perfect for those who want to experience living in a different city, visit with distant family or friends, or try out a new location to see if it may be a good place to live and work long term. Most travel nursing jobs are contracted for a period of 13 weeks, so you have the opportunity to work in a new, exciting place every few months. If you especially enjoy a particular workplace, many hospitals will offer contract extensions.

Do you want a challenging, rewarding, and adventurous career? If so, travel nursing jobs are a perfect fit for you! Continue reading to learn more about travel nursing job opportunities and how you can make travel nursing the adventure of a lifetime.

Travel Nursing Job Opportunities

As a travel nurse, you have the opportunity to work almost anywhere in the country. If you don’t like winter, you can look for a travel nursing job in warm climates such as Florida or California. If you want a unique adventure, you can look for a travel assignment in Alaska, Texas, or maybe Arizona. Wherever you want to go, we can help find a job that’s just right for you.

To search for job opportunities, you can visit our job finder to see available travel nursing jobs. This resource allows you to organize jobs by state, specialty, and position type so you can narrow your search to find a job just right for you. If you would like help finding the travel nursing job you want, contact one of our experienced recruiters who can conduct a personalized search for you. Our available jobs change frequently, so working with a recruiter will be helpful if you have a specific position or location in mind. If you know what you want to do, but not where you want to go, you can sign up for text or email notifications of travel nursing job openings in your specialty area. Signing up for these job alerts will give you a head start on everyone else looking for jobs in your same specialty area.

Start your rewarding career as a travel nurse by utilizing the resources above to help find a job that is a match for you. Continue reading to learn more about the fun and adventure you can have with travel nursing jobs.

Travel Nursing Jobs: Fun and Adventure with Reward

As a career, travel nursing can be a limitless source of adventure. Having a travel nursing job means you do not have to stay in one area very long; it frees you to explore the country. Depending on your interests, you can plan your nursing assignments so you can spend your time all year doing things you love.

Travel Based on Personal Interests

If you like the outdoors and activities like skiing, you can find travel nursing jobs near some of the best ski areas in the country such as Colorado, Utah, or Wyoming. If you like visiting national parks, travel nursing jobs can provide you the opportunity to visit anywhere from Yosemite or Glacier National Parks in the West to the Great Smokey Mountains or Everglades National Parks in the East. If you like the sun, surf and relaxation, you might enjoy a travel nursing job near the southern beaches of Miami, the Gulf Coast of Florida, or along the golden coast of California. Whatever your interests, travel nursing jobs enable you to work while creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Travel Based on the Season

You can also plan your travel nursing jobs to take advantage of the seasons in different areas of the country. Enjoy the cool, crisp spring mornings of the Midwest by working in places like Ohio, Missouri, or Tennessee; experience the vibrant, autumn leaves of the Northeast by finding a jobs in states like Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont; or escape the cold, long winters of the North by working in areas like Florida, California, or Arizona. Travel nursing gives you the flexibility to travel where you want to go when you want to go there, so you have the unique opportunity to experience the best every season has to offer.

Travel Based on City

Travel nursing jobs provide you with the opportunity to experience the unique culture every city has to offer. With travel nursing jobs, you can spend every few months living in a new city, so you have the opportunity to experience life almost anywhere from coast to coast. If you want to experience city life, a travel nursing job near New York City, Boston, Chicago, or Los Angeles might be the perfect opportunity to experience living in a major metropolitan center. If you want to experience life in a city with a unique culture, living near Nashville, Las Vegas, or New Orleans will immerse you in the local hustle and bustle. Whatever your interest, travel nursing jobs give you the opportunity to experience the unique adventures every city has to offer. The hardest part about travel nursing just might be deciding which great destination to choose next!

Partner with Advantage RN to Find Your Travel Nursing Job

As you’ve learned, travel nursing is a rewarding and adventurous career. At Advantage RN, we are uniquely suited to be the best partner to help you find the best travel nursing jobs. We are one of the larger travel nursing agencies in the industry, so we have the resources and available positions to help you find the travel nursing opportunity you are looking for. Even though we are a larger staffing company with resources, we are focused on providing personal service and support for each of our travelers—our goal is to provide every traveler with the best travel nursing experience they have ever had! As part of our commitment to provide excellent service, we offer great benefits such as first day medical insurance coverage, a 401(k) savings plan, 24/7 support, arranged private housing, competitive pay, and many others.

With great benefits and a lifetime of adventure waiting for you, now is the perfect time to partner with Advantage RN to find travel nursing jobs that meet your needs. Take the first step now in making your own travel memories by viewing available travel nursing jobs and signing up for job alerts today!