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Travel RN Jobs

Travel RN JobsAre you a nurse who wants to advance your career, experience the adventure of travel, and make great money along the way? If so, then travel RN jobs are a perfect fit for you! Many hospitals across the country have a shortage of nurses, so they contract with travel nursing agencies, like Advantage RN, to fill their shortages with temporary travel RN jobs.

As a nurse, you can apply for these travel RN jobs and work temporary assignments almost anywhere in the country. Since each assignment typically lasts just a few months, travel nurses have the unique opportunity to experience living in many different cities all over the country. Not only that, but travel RN jobs are also a great way to advance your career as you’ll have the opportunity to expand upon your clinical know-how and experiences as you work in a variety of clinical settings in an assortment of facilities.

Continue reading to learn more about travel RN jobs and how to get started with a travel nursing career. Looking for a job now? Take the first step and sign up for job alerts or view our job finder to search for the perfect position for you.

Travel RN Jobs: Getting Started with Your New Career

If you are interested in working as a travel RN you will need to have experience, references, and your licensure and medical documents ready and up-to-date. First time traveler? Not to worry — Advantage RN can help each step of the way. Here are more details on what is needed:


The first requirement to become a travel RN is experience. To qualify for the positions available, you will need at least two years of general floor experience and at least one year of experience at an acute care facility in your specialty area. Other qualifications, such as being American Heart certified, are also advantages when applying for travel RN jobs.

Current Licensure and Medical Documents

In addition to general and specialty experience, you will also need current and active licensing for the state in which you plan to travel. All of your medical documents need to be current as well. Our Compliance Coordinators will help ensure all your documents are in order before your start your travel RN job. They’ll even steer you to a facility for assistance, as needed. Our Recruiters can give you the details on how to apply for a license in the state where you’d like to work. They can tell you about Compact state licensure which provides multistate licensing for nurses; 20+ states currently recognize a Compact license. Having one provides Travel RNs a ton of flexibility when it comes to finding a travel nursing job.


Another requirement to become a travel nurse are clinical references from your most recent supervisors. When hospitals hire travel RNs, they are staffing key positions within the facility and expect the travel RNs to be productive as quickly as possible. Good references from your supervisors ensure you are a strong candidate for the travel RN job you are applying for. As most facilities provide minimum training and would like their travelers to be productive quickly once on site, a good reference is critical for securing a travel RN job.


To secure your travel RN job, you will have to interview with a nurse manager at the hospital/healthcare facility before they offer you a position. Worried about the interview? You don’t need to be! Your Advantage RN recruiter will work closely with you to ensure you are confident about your upcoming interview. He or she will likely share sample interview questions to ensure you are prepared. With nearly 90% of our interviewed nurses receiving a job offer, you can be certain you will do well.

Travel RN Jobs: Limitless Possibilities

Travel RN jobs provide an abundance of choices for nurses. Since hospitals across the country have nursing shortages and open positions, we always have a large selection of travel RN jobs available. These jobs come in all specialty areas, so whether you are a Cath Lab, CVOR, NICU, Dialysis, ER, PICU, or a nurse in any other specialty area, we can help find a travel RN job that meets your needs.

If your goal is to advance your career, choosing a travel nursing job at a top-rated hospital or magnet facility in your specialty area is an ideal way to enhance your resume. If you would like to temporarily move closer to friends or family, you can find a travel RN job that allows you to live and work nearby. If you want to use travel RN jobs as a way of vacationing to far-away places, you can find available jobs anywhere from Florida or California to Alaska or even Hawaii. Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, Advantage RN has the resources in place to find a compatible travel RN job for you.

Advantage RN: The Best Travel Nursing Company to Find Your Travel RN Job

At Advantage RN, we believe we are the best travel nursing company to help you find your next travel RN job. As one of the larger travel nursing agencies, we serve a network of nearly 500 hospitals across the nation. Our large network of healthcare facilities means we always have a wide selection of available travel RN jobs, so you can be sure to find a position that meets your needs and goals.

The real difference with Advantage RN is our service. Our goal is to serve every traveler with excellence in order to provide the best ever travel nursing assignment. To help achieve this goal, we have a team of experts who take care of every detail before, during, and after your travel RN job. We also have a company representative who is available 24/7 so you always have someone to call if you ever have a problem after hours on your assignment.
To experience the excitement and adventure of travel nursing with Advantage RN, click to find available travel RN jobs or sign up for job alerts to get started. If you want to get a head start on finding the perfect position, you can complete an application. A fulfilling career as a travel RN is waiting for you—find a travel RN job with Advantage RN today!