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What to Pack to Stay Connected When Traveling to an Assignment

Felecia, RNHere’s what one of our adventuresome travelers Felecia vigilantly packs to ensure she stays connected with the world while she travels the country:

When heading on any assignment I have a list of things that go with me no matter where I go.

#1 I always take my cell phone and accessories – it’s my connection to everyone whether I’m working in Kotzebue, Alaska, or closer to my hometown, my cell ensures I never feel isolated.

#2 on my list is my computer. I use it for work as much as I do for personal reasons. I keep copies of my license, certifications and work related files on the computer so I always have them with me. I am also a Facebook addict, I admit it, so I keep up with family and friends via Facebook. I post pictures of my travels so they can enjoy them, too. So my computer is a must! I did downsize and buy a mini laptop and accessories so it takes up less room and I love it.

#3 on my list would be space bags! I have learned to pack things in space bags so I can take more items in less space. I can pack 2 suitcases full of items in one suitcase. So I can take more clothing and linen in less space. Space is a big issue. If I drive to my assignment it is not as critical. But if I am flying, it is more of a concern. Space bags rock!

#4 on my list would be my Kindle. I love to read! Traditional books take up a lot of space and are very heavy — which is an enemy to the traveler! The Kindle solves that problem! I can take as many books as I want and not worry about how heavy it is or how much space it takes up. So I always pack my Kindle!

#5 on my list is my camera! I love to take pictures of my travels. I get the photo-bug from my mother…thanks mom! I love to look at my pictures and “remember when” and I like to share my current travels with my family and friends. My church family follows me via photos as I drive or fly to my assignments. So they depend on my camera as much as I do.

I have been traveling since 2002 and love every minute of it. I have made some lifelong friends and I have seen some really amazing things. I feel blessed to have experienced the things I have. And I am looking forward to my next adventure, wherever that may be. ~Felecia, RN

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Alaska; Photo by Felicia, RN

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