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Work in sunny FL and AZ this Winter!

What stands between YOU and a WARM YOU this upcoming WINTER season?

When you take a travel position with Advantage RN, the answer is:

Absolutely Nothing! Sun!

Work in sunny FL and AZ this Winter!

We staff a TON of positions in the Winter Season.  Think Florida, think Arizona.  But also think BIGGER and WIDER and think TRAVEL NURSING in almost ANY state!

Two simple steps to success:

Step 1Fill out an Application. Simply fill out and submit an application and skills checklist on our site and you’ll be connected to one of our caring recruiters who will guide you through the process.

Or, call a Recruiter. Call us at 866-301-4045 and connect with one of our caring recruiters.  Take a chance (you won’t be disappointed), or take a look at what other travelers have to say about our recruiters and then choose your own travel career coach.

Step 2Obtain licensure for the state in which you’d like to work.  Get your license NOW and maximize your chances of working that DREAM WINTER ASSIGNMENT.

Apply now for your Florida license, for example, and be totally ready to travel in October. You can expect to wait AT LEAST four and six weeks if you are an out-of-state nurse applying for a FL license.  (The closer to the Season, the longer it may take.) Click here to connect with the Florida Board of nursing:

Applying for your Arizona license is a little easier as Arizona is a COMPACT and WALK THRU state (It takes 42-78 hours after going to the BON to obtain licensure.)  To learn more and to increase your chances of working in Arizona this winter, apply now for a license.  Check out:

We look forward to working with you!  Come travel with us!

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